YMMV / White Sun of the Desert

  • Complete Monster: "Black" Abdullah is a ruthless Basmachi warlord who embraces life as a bandit. The first we see of him is him abandoning his many wives to death in the desert and when they are saved, he is absolutely furious they have survived. Upon meeting them again, Abdullah attempts to kill them himself before the heroes subdue him. Abdullah convinces one of his wives to free him, before promptly murdering her and a young soldier and escaping. Seeking a path to the sea, Abdullah and his men murder a museum curator before attempting to burn the heroes alive in an oil carrier when they pursue him.
  • Lawful Neutral: Vereshchagin, until his Berserk Button was pressed by Abdullah.
  • Memetic Mutation: Almost every phrase in the film.
    • "The East is a delicate matter." (Восток — дело тонкое); refers to any complicated or difficult matter, not necessarily "eastern" in nature.
    • "Customs gives the green light." ("Таможня дает добро!"); refers to any type of approval, especially reluctant approval.
    • "His grenades are of a wrong system." ("Да гранаты у него не той системы"); refers to any kind of excuse, particularly a pathetic one. The line wasn't scripted, but was improvised by the actor.
    • "Gyulchatai, show your sweet face!" ("Гюльчатай, открой личико"); a popular Russian saying for boys to say to girls.
    • "I feel bad for my State!" ("За державу обидно"); refers to the weak state of Russia, which used to be a superpower, used again in political context since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    • "No, guys. I won't give you a machine gun." ("Вот что, ребята. Пулемета я вам не дам"); refers to any kind of refusal.
    • "They were shooting..." ("Стреляли..."); in the context, it was Sayid's justification for suddenly appearing and trying to save the day; now it usually means noticing some fracas and showing up for action.
  • Moment of Awesome: Sayid, Sukhov and Vereshchagin all have a set of such moments. For example, Sukhov is calmly lighting the cigarette from TNT fuse. Vereshchagin is kicking Semyon from the closed window. Sayid is shooting two Abdullah's men leaning from the saddle under horse's belly.