* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The game has a very good soundtrack, although the music when Temura tells you about herself is particular highlight.
* ContinuityLockout: Some new players who only play this game for the first time (and not ''VideoGame/{{AdventureQuest}}'') may have trouble defining who the ''AQ'' characters are.
* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments: In the "Gravity Anomaly" quest, the moment where you blow up the BountyHunter [[StarWars Arty Dedeux]]'s ship is particularly hilarious.
-->'''Player:''' So, I'm just going to take off now and go tell everyone that if they don't do what you say that you'll blow up the universe, okay?\\
'''Arty Dedeux:''' Well, that's generous of you. My 74NK's make good soldiers but aren't very articulate. I can use someone like you to spread my ultimatums!\\
'''Arty Dedeux:''' *whistles* Hahaha, I can't WAIT for the galaxy to pay tribute to me!!\\
[=*=]Player returns with ship and prepares to blow up the place*\\
'''Arty Dedeux:''' !!! What do you think you're doing?? You're supposed to go get everyone to do what I say!!
* ItsTheSameNowItSucks: Some fans complained when it turned out it would use the same gameplay and animation as ''VideoGame/{{AdventureQuest}}''.