YMMV / Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

  • Broken Base - The changes brought by the second edition did this, as did the third. Business as usual with Tabletop Game edition changes, in other words.
    • Within second edition fandom Renegade Crowns is either a brilliant toolkit for a GM to create his or her own unique yet very Warhammer corner of the Old World or a wasted opportunity to shed light on a previously mostly ignored area.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff - WFRP is very popular in Poland, partially because it was widely available while DnD was almost unknown until a few years ago, and partially because the typical Polish tabletop player is a Grumpy Bear who really enjoys the setting's cynicism.
  • Heartwarming Moments: In one short story, an Imperial scholar braves the burning sands and undead hordes to travel to the city of Bel Aliad. They get caught when his guide decides to pilfer the tombs, and the two are escorted by skeleton warriors to a chamber where a mummified prince sits on a throne, flanked by a priest who speaks in fluent Reikspiel. The prince, through the priest, asks why the scholar has come here to steal his possessions, and the scholar explains he hasn't come here looking for treasure - he seeks a cure for his wife dying from poison inflicted by a jealous rival. The prince listens to the translation from the priest, pauses for a moment and then gestures for his guards to chop off the thieving guide's head and release the scholar. With that, the prince smiles, gets up out of his chair and speaks to the priest one last time before exiting the chamber with his skeletal retinue. The priest steps down and says to the scholar: "My lord commands me to tell you that he, too, loved once. He too would've travelled to the ends of the world to save his love. I am to show you the wisdom you seek." He then guides the scholar to a secret chamber and shows him the knowledge he needs to save his wife.