YMMV / Warchild Series

  • Complete Monster: Falcone takes explicitly evil piracy of the book's setting, preying on innocent merchant ships just trying to get from point A to point B, to another level. He slaughters everyone on the ships he boards before blowing the ships to pieces, the only survivors the children he captures to then sell as slaves. Some of them he keeps for himself and abuses in every way your mind can possibly think up. Even after his death, flashbacks show him reveling in his atrocities. This is in a series, where everyone is a little edgy.
  • Fridge Horror: You think Jos and Yuri have it bad, until Falcone lightly mentions his protégés are better treated than other kids sold as slaves. Later, Evan confirms it. If Yuri was beaten, raped and trained as a prostitute and a killer... just think about what Evan had to went through and we weren't told about.
  • Ho Yay: Many confirmed pairings. The ones that haven't been confirmed are Evan/Jos (canon one-sided), Evan/Ryan, Ryan/Sid, Dorr/Captain Azarcon, Niko/Jos (squicky but there).
  • Iron Woobie: Jos. Dear lord, Jos. You just want to give the kid a hug, but then he'd probably snap your arm off.
  • Moral Event Horizon : Never mind being a traitor, siding with the pirates and favoring the war - Ash's treatment of Jos was unforgivable in some fan's eyes
    • Most of what Falcone does... though it's arguable that he was bad to begin with, and so does not even need to cross this line.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The torture scene between Falcone and Jos near the end of the first book drifts into this territory.
  • Squick: Everything that Falcone does that involves his proteges. Especially in Cagebird
  • The Woobie: Many characters, considering the abundance of dark and troubled pasts