* ContestedSequel: Different people are going to have breaking off points. Most recently though The Diaries series wanting to be a FanonDiscontinuity. Unless it initself doesn't end up being AllJustADream.
%%* CompleteMonster: Malcolm Foxworth, John Amos, and Olivia Foxworth - though we later learn the motive for her madness (the Dollanganger series), Philip Cutler and Emily Booth (the Cutler series), Dr Foreman (the Broken Wings series), Miss Harper (the Early Spring series), Victoria Hudson (the Hudson series), and Jillian and Tony Tatterton (Casteel series).
* FanPreferredCouple: Just try and find a Casteel series reader who ''doesn't'' think that Troy, not Logan, was the love of Heaven's life and that she should have married him instead. Troy might have been Heaven's uncle, but it's not like the previous series didn't have an incestuous couple working things out (in fact, she was ''still'' planning on marrying Troy even after the "uncle" reveal and it was just Troy's apparent death that put a stop to that), and he was much more sensitive and caring towards Heaven than Logan who had NoSympathy for Heaven's abuse at the hands of Kitty and Cal, said point-blank to her face that she was DefiledForever to him, and even [[spoiler:indirectly caused Heaven's death]]. Plus how Heaven and Logan's marriage resulted in ''both'' of them cheating on each other (Logan with Heaven's stepsister Fanny, Heaven with Troy whom she explicitly said she still loved)...
* InternetBackdraft: The reveal that [[spoiler: Cory was alive]] in ''Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger'' did '''not''' sit well with fans, some calling it outright insulting to Andrews.
* Narm / PurpleProse: Pick a book, any book.
* TearJerker: Many of the deaths, such as [[spoiler: Carrie's]] in ''Petals On The Wind'', [[spoiler: Paul's]] in ''All That Glitters'', and [[spoiler: Laura's]] in ''Music Of The Night''.
* SeasonalRot: Fans have been quick to point out the declining quality of recent books published under Andrews' name, especially in the last few years.
* WhatAnIdiot: Semantha in the Heavenstone series is a particularly bad example. She [[spoiler:is drugged and raped by a boy her sister hired so that Semantha could conceive the family heir. You'd expect Semantha to pick up on the many, many obvious signs of what has happened and that her sister and doctor are lying about the pregnancy being a "phantom" pregnancy caused by psychological stress. Instead: the plan works perfectly.]]
* TheWoobie: If you don't feel sorry for Carrie, you have no soul. Also Cory and Bart, for all his creepy tendencies.