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* AntiClimaxBoss: Knives in the anime. While he proves an even fight for Vash, he comes after Legato showed he could have easily killed Vash at any time he wanted but didn't because he wanted him to suffer. Knives by comparison, fails despite giving it his A-game.
* BrokenBase: The movie. Many fans were overjoyed that there was finally a new Trigun animation in over a decade, and liked the movie for its own merits. However, a lot of people were disappointed it didn't adapt anything from the manga and was essentially a feature length filler episode. There were also complaints about Vash's character getting {{Flanderized}} and [[ArsonMurderAndJayWalking Wolfwood being too pale]]. The new dub voice actors for everyone but Vash split things even further.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: There's a moment in ''Trigun Maximum'' where Vash and Livio are counting the coins they got from the Gung-ho guns. They were missing one. Suddenly, a muscular black guy with weird hair and skimpy disco attire comes in and gives them the coin, pulls a bug out of his mouth, then proceeds to ask whether Vash or Livio prefer clams or fish. Granted, there's a reason why this happened (Zazie used her mind control worms), but it's random, it's weird, and after the incident, nobody talks about it again.
* CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Millions Knives]], in a sharp contrast to his manga counterpart, is [[AdaptationalVillainy portrayed in the anime]] as a [[MisanthropeSupreme xenophobic hatemonger]] obsessed with nothing less than [[KillAllHumans the complete and total extinction of the human race]]. Growing up as a plant-human hybrid, alongside his twin brother Vash, surrounded by humans, Knives grew to hate humanity due to thinking them as weak and barbaric, but perhaps more so because of one drunk bully mocking and smacking him, and [[DisproportionateRetribution immediately began making plans to eliminate them all]]. Disregarding the fact that all other human companions of his treated him as family, Knives organizes the deaths of his closest human friends before sabotaging the navigational systems of the entire fleet of spaceships they are part of, hoping to wipe out the thousands of innocent humans across the fleet in one fell swoop. When this fails and he is left stranded on the desert planet Gunsmoke with Vash, Knives emotionally abuses his brother for having compassion for humans, and gleefully reveals his plans to purge all human life on the planet to make way for his perfect plant-based paradise. After forcing Vash to wipe out an entire city, Knives sends the psychotic Legato Bluesummers and the Gung-Ho Guns after his twin, resulting in countless amounts of death and destruction across the planet, and Knives ultimately hopes to murder his twin after Legato forces him to break his ThouShaltNotKill rule. Lacking any of the sympathetic or redeeming qualities of his manga iteration, this Millions Knives was openly sadistic and genocidal toward all life that wasn't his own, even growing to [[CainAndAbel utterly despise his own twin]] when he wouldn't cow to Knives's whims.
* CreepyAwesome: Legato, who is a fan favourite because of his disturbing mein, creepy voice, and love of tormenting Vash.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: ''Tons of it'', as well there should be -- Tsuneo Imahori (the musician responsible for the aforementioned awesomeness ) is also one of the lead guitarists in Music/TheSeatbelts.
* CryForTheDevil:
** In the manga, some of the "Knives chapters" seem to express almost too much sympathy towards him, it even feels like Nightow identifies the most with his point of view at times.
** Legato, too. By the time his (incredibly screwed-up) background gets covered [[spoiler: he is deep into his nervous breakdown and quadriplegic]], and though he never stops being a horrifying monster, he's become such a desperately pathetic one hating him just loses all its charm.
** The anime uses a more subtle variation on this trope on Legato too: he spends most of the last couple of scenes he's in looking like he's about to cry, and revealing in monologues and interactions with Vash the extent of his massive, suicidal self-loathing. In the end, when he's [[spoiler: demanding that Vash kill him]], it becomes pretty clear that [[spoiler: he ''genuinely wishes to die'']], for reasons that go beyond a simple desire to torment Vash. One's left with the impression that [[spoiler: dying by Vash's hands]] was objectively the best thing that ever happened to him.
* DracoInLeatherPants: Almost too many to count. Legato makes fangirls pass out all over the place (even though [[DepravedHomosexual he's gay]], and was even a gigolo -- only in the manga, though, [[YaoiFangirl not that that stopped anyone]]). Knives has a fervent fandom too. Which is especially creepy given it's implied that Legato is a cannibal.
* EnsembleDarkHorse:
** [[CrazyAwesome Brilliant]] [[EvilIsCool Neon]] [[WorthyOpponent Dynamite]].
** Also, Livio in the manga, [[spoiler: goes from a wild card to TheLancer after Nicholas' death]].
* EvilIsSexy: Legato, Knives, and a few of the more minor Gung-Ho Guns may count. Legato in particular is a pretty extreme case considering he's probably the evilest character in the story...and also probably one of if not the best-looking (which ''really'' says a lot). Manga Knives also has more outfits than anyone else.
* FanWank: Not as bad as in other fandoms, but still pretty bad at times.
* FoeYay: Particularly egregious when Legato seems to be hitting on Vash. It's made stronger by the fact that Legato genuinely is gay and he also is fixated upon Knives, who is Vash's identical twin.
* FriendlyFandoms: With ''Anime/CowboyBebop'', ''VideoGame/WildArms'', ''Anime/OutlawStar'', and recently, with ''Franchise/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' and ''Anime/BloodBlockadeBattlefront''.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: When someone says that the cross Wolfwood carries on his back is heavy he replies "That's because it's full of mercy!" Later on, that line becomes a bit sinister.
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: ''Trigun'' is ridiculously popular in America, but not quite as much in its homeland of Japan. Because of this, the movie premiered at Sakuracon 2010, months before the Japanese premiere.
* GrowingTheBeard:
** The anime starts out as goofy, almost slice of life style misadventures as Vash roams the desert getting into trouble while Merril and Milly desperately chase after. Then it turns into a darker, grittier story as Vash's EvilTwin rears his sinister head and Vash in caught up in a dark and horrible story of SiblingRivalry that examines just how much a person can really expect to uphold the ideal of ThouShaltNotKill.
** For Vash specifically, this might be better termed ''Showing'' the Beard, as he's actually quite competent from the very start, he's just a {{CloudCuckoolander}}/prime example of ObfuscatingStupidity most of the time so it's not terribly obvious. Opinions vary as to exactly where this happens in the anime, but it's pretty early; brief flashes of Vash's badassery appear as early as the end of Episode 2, and ''very'' few would put it later than Episode 5.
* HoYay: Vash and Wolfwood have a lot of romantic-ish interactions with each other. Legato is obviously in love with Knives and tells Vash he's "beautiful" in the unedited version of the manga.
* IAmNotShazam: His name is '''''Vash the Stampede''''', '''not''' "Trigun".
* IronWoobie: Vash. Seriously, ''nothing'' is allowed to go right in his life, and he loses everything and takes it very much on his own head whenever anyone gets hurt on a half-civilized planet with almost no natural resources and loads of guns. And it took him ''over'' a hundred years to ''briefly'' give up.
* ItWasHisSled: Most of the anime's big twists have long since passed into common knowledge in the English-speaking anime community by now, to the extent that when Creator/AdultSwim chose one episode to air for their 2012 April Fool's Day Creator/{{Toonami}} block, it was the one where [[spoiler: Wolfwood]] dies.
* LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt: [[spoiler: Come on. Was there anybody who honestly thought Vash had died in [[TheMovie Badlands Rumble?]] ]]
* MagnificentBastard: Knives, in the manga, and Legato.
** And Gasback in ''Badlands Rumble'' - he pulled three major heists after the TimeSkip, which at first looks like a simple matter of {{revenge}} against his former accomplices. First was a casino with a giant inflatable mascot, next was a cargo hovercraft plant. The final one, though, revealed that [[spoiler: the first two ''also'' led up to the final heist, which was of the ''entire plant'' for a town run by his final accomplice, using the casino's mascot as a cushion to keep the plant's bulb unbroken, and the hovercraft to move it after it'd been led downhill]].
* MemeticMutation: Is this some sort of Christian magic?
* {{Moe}}: Let's face it, Vash is a very Moe character. You just have to see the visceral {{Squee}}s he seems to trigger all over the fandom.
* {{Narm}}: Vash and Knives's pathetic ways of arguing about their very extreme ideologies bring out their emotional immaturity, as they can't seem to get more nuanced than "everybody is good vs. everybody is evil."
* SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped: Despite everything else about the series, the underlying message of the series is that killing people is wrong, and almost never justifiable.
* {{Squick}}: In the manga, when Zazie the Beast pulls a worm out of her crotch.
%%* StoicWoobie: Wolfwood.
%%* TastesLikeDiabetes: Rem.
* ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs: Western In Space on crack! Characters on alcohol, steroids and gunpowder-huffing!
%%* TrueArtIsAngsty: Debatable.
* ViewerGenderConfusion: At first glance, Ludia basically looks like a black haired Vash, when in reality it's an old lady that must be pushing her 40's.
%%* {{Wangst}}: Debatable.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids:
** Some parents consider this to be an anime for teens ages 15-16 when it's more specifically created for kids around their early teens. Some people do consider this anime for kids, but since it's aimed at kids a little younger compared to ''Anime/CowboyBebop,'' it could also be for a preteenage group.
** The manga, however, [[NightmareFuel should NOT be viewed by anyone that young.]] Unfortunately did Creator/DarkHorse not get the memo and rates Maximum as 14+...
** One of the early print ads for the Pioneer VHS release had a blurb near the age rating saying "The heroic themes and actions of the main character, laced with comic relief, communicate a wholesome and yet entirely watchable program that appeals to kids of all ages. Pioneer is rating this program 13 UP because of the extreme villains, the intensity of some situations, and the high level of violence that may scare younger viewers who may not realize that for the most part, no one is getting hurt".... [[CerebusSyndrome Needless to say, they stopped putting that there once Legato showed up.]]
%%* TheWoobie: Vash, definitely; Wolfwood, to a large extent; young Knives; young Livio; actually, young almost anybody!