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YMMV: Tranquilium
  • Magnificent Bastard: Parvis. Was in charge of the Soviet espionage network on Tranquilium for years, being basically The Man Behind the Man for a great number of Soviets and their collaborationists that the protagonists were working against, has played a big part in orchestrating the successful revolution in Merryland and the moment that stopped working out for him pulled a successful Heel-Face Turn and took over Merryland as the new president after removing the increasingly discredited government he himself had installed in the first place! The good guys couldn't bring themselves to act against him, partly because they realized what an awesome ally he would make. It's not clear if he had planned it this way all along or improvised as things went, but it was hellishly impressive either way. And the best part? He did contemplate simply defecting to America, escaping with all his ill-gotten gains and valuable information, but dismissed that as boring, compared to risking his life in the political game without any backers.

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