YMMV: Tower and the Hive

  • Marty Stu/Relationship Sue: Accusations often attached to Jeff Raven.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Rojer's Mrdinis are killed when a general demands that he teleport bombs onto a Hiver world, enough ordnance to wipe out everything on the planet. Horrified, Rojer refuses, only for the general to attempt to kill him. His Mrdinis take the hits- and are crushed.
    • Barchenka's saving ways, like giving her grunt workers only enough air for their shift, with nothing left over; dispensing with safety lines; giving them only short-range com units so if someone gets in trouble, all the workers can't hear them screaming for help; and worst of all, if a grunt accidentally ends up flying off into space, she'll only try to rescue them after the shift is overů if there's a ship available. And if they know where the grunt is.