YMMV / Top Shot

  • Elimination Houdini:
    • In Season 1, Kelly. He was nominated for elimination the most times out of all the contestants but managed to outshoot his opponents in the elimination challenges.
      • YMMV as to how annoying it was. Kelly demonstrated himself to be an amazing shot and was only voted into elimination challenges because his teammates had it out for him. Eventually, the Blue Team members lampshaded the tendency of the Red Team to keep nominating him despite his good performances.
    • Jamie and Jay in Season 2. Jamie was sent to elimination every time the Red Team had to pick, the only exception being when he won immunity. Joe and Brian both at one point voiced their displeasure at this tactic specifically when Jamie shot better than they did, but the contestants refused to send them to elimination because they liked Joe and Brian better personally despite both shooting his target at one time or another. Jay Lim was sent to elimination three times, and beat a homeland security agent and retired marine to stay in the competition. Jamie ultimately sent him home.
    • Taken to the logical extreme with Mike Hughes. He placed second despite being in four elimination challenges, one of which he lost. Jake's forfeit is what allowed him a chance to get back in.
    • Greg Littlejohn in season 4. Nominated three times, won all three challenges. Averted in Season 5 - he's in the first elimination challenge and he's the first to go home.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: George from season 2 both looks and comes off like someone from Jersey Shore. When his info is finally shown in the finale, it turns out he actually IS from New Jersey.
  • Periphery Demographic A good segment of Top Shot's audience either doesn't care about or doesn't like guns in real life, but find themselves fascinated by the sport of it.
    • Hilariously, this includes a contestant in the show in Season Four. Chris comments that he only picked up firearms after watching Top Shot's first season.