YMMV / Tired And Wired

  • Crowning Momentof Funny: A lot.
    • Anything that involves Ray and Luz, especially in the holiday coda.
    • Nate giving Brad tips to kill Ray's plants when they first meet.
  • Crowning Momentof Heartwarming:
    • Walt and Ray deciding that they're dating - or rather, Ray deciding that they're dating.
  • Ho Yay: All over the place.
    • In particular, there's Ho Yay between two couples (Brad/Nate and Ray/Walt).
  • Tear Jerker: At lot.
    • Julian's death, especially since he was doomed by the original canon as well.
    • Cassie's death. Not entirely surprising, but she loved reading, loved the thought of her brother studying literature at college and you can't help but think about how much she would have loved to meet Hoosier.
    • Web being kicked out by his parents after he comes out. His father throws an ashray at his head and he turns up at Joe's in the middle of the night.
    • Ray going off on one at Schwetje, and revealing that he was bullied at high school.
    • Snafu seeing his missing mom again.
    • Snafu's experience during Katrina and his Dissonant Serenity when telling Sledge and Gene about it.