YMMV / The Tournament

  • Complete Monster:
    • Mr. Powers is the enigmatic millionaire responsible for coordinating the titular Tournament every seven or so years for entertainment and profit. Powers pits thirty of the world's greatest assassins against each other to kill each other off in public areas, dragging in countless innocents into the carnage and covering up every death and disaster caused by the Tournament as unrelated acts of nature or crime to stay covert. Powers has every assassin rigged with an explosive device meant to detonate if the Tournament's time limit passes without one assassin left standing. Powers ropes a priest named MacAvoy into the Tournament against his choice after he accidentally swallows one of the devices and detonates one of the bombs in assassin Miles Slade after MacAvoy convinces Zhen to spare Slade's life. Powers's true evil is demonstrated when it is revealed he is behind the murder driving the vengeful crusade of the previous victor Joshua Harlow; in a bid to drag Harlow back into the Tournament, Powers arranged for Harlow's innocent wife to be murdered to trick him into coming back into the Tournament. A cold-blooded, perpetually stoic sociopath responsible for tons of bloodshed despite never directly killing anyone himself, Mr. Powers is willing to ruin lives and kill dozens of innocents all for the purpose of keeping the Tournament going unimpeded.
    • The aforementioned Miles Slade is a wanton Texan psychopath famed as an absolutely brutal murderer who collects the fingers of his victims after he kills them. Introducing himself shooting a dog for no other reason than a cheap laugh, Slade eagerly participates in the Tournament for thrills and the money and utterly massacres a strip club filled with both assassins and innocent bystanders whilst gleefully cackling. When Harlow confronts him on the murder of his wife, Slade states he's not even responsible for the murder but enjoys taunting Harlow about it regardless, severing Harlow's finger and putting a lit cigar into the stump and later attempting to murder the innocent priest MacAvoy after he's dragged into the game. Moronically violent, pointlessly cruel, and committing every sadistic act he does with a giant smile on his face, Slade was unquestionably the absolute worst of the assassins participating in the Tournament.