YMMV / The Stainless Steel Rat

  • Evil Is Sexy: In the first novel Jim is drawn to Angelina not just because she's beautiful, but because he genuinely admires her brilliant criminal mind. If only he could get past the fact that she's a sociopathic killer...
  • Magnificent Bastard: Harold Peters Inskipp or Inskipp the Uncatchable, the head of The Special Corps. Aside from his past cons that made him a legend before he was caught, he plays Jim the entirety of the 1st novel, allowing him to go off on his own while Jim thinks he's going rogue and one upped him, monitors Jim without him knowing - even planting a tracking device on him, and plays the role of Big Damn Hero to Jim after arriving through Angelina's escape route that she believed nobody knew about. Somewhat sadly, in the followup novels he becomes a more standard Da Chief type.
  • Values Dissonance: Jim's pill-popping and constant boozing — whenever he needs Bottled Heroic Resolve or some other ability — can be disconcerting to modern audiences, but the series was created in The '60s after all.