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YMMV: The Sphinx
  • Fridge Logic: Why are there no records of the building of such a monument, not even engravings on its sides? Were they erased by someone?
  • I Am Not Shazam: It's not really a sphinx, but rather an homage to some important ancient Egyptian figure (there are similar statues in Egypt, just not so big.) What the statue was originally called (or who is it based on) is a mystery.
    • A popular theory says it is Pharaoh Khafre, the one who had the Great Pyramid made.
    • Another theory says it was originally a full lion (compare the head to the body - it's really tiny) later remade into a human head. The theory says it also originally looked into the star sign "Lion" - 8000 YEARS AGO.
    • Its name in Arabic means "The Terrifying One".
    • Ironically, The Wizard Shazam did live in Ancient Egypt, maybe he knows the answers!

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