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YMMV: The Paper Chase

The band

  • Ear Worm: Quite a few of them- "Said the Spider to the Fly," "We Know Where You Sleep," "If Nobody Moves Nobody Will Get Hurt," and many others.
  • Fridge Horror
  • Growing the Beard: In contrast to the usual They Changed It, Now It Sucks, most fans said that they loved the somewhat different sound of Someday This Could All Be Yours. The band has entered a rough patch, apparently, and there is no word about the sequel to Someday This Could All Be Yours.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Where to start? Consider that Now You Are One Of Us is an entire album about fear, and how it controls lives.
  • Signature Song: "Said the Spider to the Fly" and "We Know Where You Sleep."

The film and TV series about law school

  • Ho Yay: Ford's "Wanna get drunk?" invitation to Hart may be ambiguous, but the latent acrimony between Bell and O'Connor reeks of a failed affair.

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