YMMV / The Misery Senshi Neo Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle

  • Critical Research Failure: The author makes numerous hilarious and obvious mistakes when attempting to document Japanese history and discuss its culture. This is particularly funny considering the author felt the need to dedicate a significant portion of his fanfic to presenting himself as an expert on it.
    • The author also, despite claiming to have watched every episode of Sailor Moon in Japanese, manages to prove repeatedly that he hadn't watched anything that wasn't dubbed into English circa 1997. In addition to Guerin repeatedly referring to "Chibi-Usa" as "Chiba-Usa", one hilarious scene involves the Sailor Senshi needing to heal a grievous wound inflicted upon Sailor Moon. Mamoru calls them on his cellphone and has Jupiter go and get Sailor Star Healer, who upon arriving demands to be taken to her leader. Keep in mind that A) the Sailor Starlights live on another planet that none of the characters ever visit B) "Their leader" is Princess Kakyuu of said planet C) Mamoru doesn't even know them, let alone possess a cell phone that can cross galaxies and D) Sailor Star Healer doesn't heal things. Now, rinse and repeat for the entire duration of the story.
    • Even the cast of Daria gets mangled. Why the hell is Mr. "I may as well have the flag tattooed on my forehead" DeMartino using an AK-47? (For those who don't know: an AK-47 is a Russian gun.)
    • Rei is a Shinto priestess. She invokes the wrong gods and sometimes seems to be replicating Buddhist rituals, as well as just doing things the author made up that are very out of place with the behavior of a Shinto priestess.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The story's plot of a terrorist essentially using a passenger jet as a missile to destroy a prominent target was plausible in 1998 when the story was first written, but also fictional. The riffing was originally released in 2000, when the same standard applied (hence numerous jokes and skits about it). Post-9/11, the subject matter is downright horrifying, and in the 2010 updated re-release, Guerin added a disclaimer re-iterating that he had written the story well before the attacks.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Akbar yells "SILENCE!" at one point. This was just random dialogue in 1998, but nowadays, an Islamic terrorist yelling "SILENCE!" instantly causes most people to mentally add "I KEEL YOU!"
  • Padding: For some reason, the story spends a significant amount of time on Akbar doing such riveting activities as ordering his rental car and later on the rather lengthy process of ordering his plane ticket to Berlin.
    • Oh whoops, is it time to transform? Better spend a few paragraphs on everyone calling out their transformation phrases. Though this is technically using the transformation sequences the same way the actual show does.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Beavis And Butthead are, in their own series, crude at best, but too brainless to contemplate actual harm (they're more likely to hurt themselves). In this story, they've been elevated to violent rapists obsessed with capturing Quinn.