!! The films:

* CounterpartComparison: Subverted. Russ goes from arguing with Jesse in the second movie to using his term "cake eater" in the third. No one makes light of this, although the issue of roster slots had come up before. This might explain Jesse's absence.
** Fulton, the tough guy with the nearly-unbeatable slapshot, is also the first one to exclaim over Russ' knucklepuck.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: Music/{{Queen}}'s "We Are the Champions" at the end of D2.
* DesignatedVillain: Of the three rival teams the Ducks had to overcome in the trilogy, Team Iceland is the least dickish to them. Unlike the Hawks and the Varsity team, we never see the Duck interact with the Iceland players off the ice. True that the Iceland players were anything but nice to the Ducks during the games but then again, they're playing hockey. Aggression is all apart of the game and even their taunting could be viewed as their competitive nature shining through. The one thing that cements Team Iceland's status in this trope is that fact that they are the only team to have the decentcy to go back on the ice and congratulate the Ducks on a game well played.
** Even Wolf Stansson, Team Iceland's coach isn't that much of a villain. He's just a damn good coach who did everything he could to make sure his boys were ready to take on the world. Yeah, he was an arrogant {{Jerkass}} that talked alot of trash but could be translated as him being confident in his team. And just like his team, Stansson, after losing the big game to Ducks at the end, was humble enough to shake Gordon's hand afterwards and congratulate him on the win.
*** Sportsmanship aside it was still a dick move on Stanssons part to clip Gordon's injured leg the moment he was on the losing end of their one on one contest.
** In D3 Banks is looked at as a traitor for being a member of the Varsity team. Despite the fact that the team jump was beyond his control. While he did took part in the Varsity's restaurant prank against The Ducks you could tell it was out of reluctance and peer pressure than pure spite. As opposed to the Ducks treating Banks no differently than any of the other varsity members.
* DesignatedHero: The Mighty Ducks have usually been considered the lovable underdogs in parts I & II of the trilogy but come part III they were dangerously close to losing the lovable aspect. Granted the Varsity were dicks to The Ducks but when one of them became a member of the opposing team he became a victim to The Duck's pranks without any provocation from their former team member. And when The Ducks failed to meet the academy's standards they had to use Bombay to bully their way into staying at the school. And it wasn't like the school itself was purposely trying to sabotage them either.
* EvenBetterSequel: Specifically, D2. It's more engrained into pop culture than the original -- especially considering its popular new characters that replaced the old ones -- to the point that when the cast of kids reunited to celebrate a 20th anniversary, it was in regards to the sequel's anniversary.
* FridgeBrilliance: Bombay stealing Adam from the Hawks seems like a real {{jerkass}} move that [[BrokenAesop goes against the spirit of the film]]. However if you look at the apparent similarities between Adam and young Gordon (sensitive, upper class, a Hawk, very talented, Reilly's protegee,) it looks like Gordon may really be trying to protect Adam from Reilly. He feels that his old coach ruined him and may be starting to do the same thing to Adam.
* HilariousInHindsight: Emilio Estevez's character is obsessed with winning in the first film. Nearly twenty years later, his brother Creator/CharlieSheen began using "Winning" as one of his catch phrases.
* HoYay: Averman appeared a little too into seeing Dean stripteasing while in the penalty box in D3.
* MoralEventHorizon: Riley, the Hawks' Coach having one of his players check Adam Banks (who had been playing for him until a few weeks ago and was only a Duck because Bombay took advantage of a Change in the District boundaries to have him play for his team) into the net so hard that he had to leave the game due to injury.
** He drove the kid's neck into the post! He could've been paralyzed, for cripe's sake. It's amazing Gordon didn't try and sue Riley for that. Oh yeah, and apparently the Hawk player has ''a name for this maneuver''. What the hell, adults?
*** The fact that the coach was never seen nor heard from since the first movie is a sign that he faced some kind of repercussion for his actions in the first movie.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Charlie was played by Joshua Jackson, who went on to ''Series/DawsonsCreek'' and ''Series/{{Fringe}}''.
** Elden Henson has had a very respectable career as a character actor, popping up in everything from ''ShesAllThat'' to ''Series/{{Daredevil 2015}}''.
** Russ Tyler was played by Kenan Thompson -- the same one who was on ''Series/AllThat'', ''KenanAndKel'', and is currently a cast member on ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' (notable as the first one to be born after ''SNL'' premiered in 1975 and the first one to be a child star and perform in more family-friendly fare [specifically this movie and the two aforementioned Nickelodeon shows] before moving on to fare that's more adult).
* {{Sequelitis}}: D3.
* TookALevelInJerkass: Most of the ducks in D3 fall victim of this but Charlie takes the bulk of the trope.
* ToyShip: Connie and Guy.
* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic: Most of the Ducks, but especially Charlie, in ''D3''. Yes, the students and faculty at Eden Hall aren't the nicest people, but the Ducks act like a bunch of entitled, arrogant brats who expect everything at the school to be catered to them just because of their past success. Coach Orion doesn't even act like a jerk to the team, he's just stricter with them than Bombay was and the players don't give him any respect as a coach initially.
* TheWoobie: Bombay, believe it or not. Missing a penalty shot to lose the district championships as a child costs him his passion for the game, although he's very skilled. He makes a comeback as an adult, tears up the minors and seems to be on the fast track to the [[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL]] when a cheap shot to the knee by a frustrated opponent ends his career for good.

!! The animated series:

* AwesomeMusic: The glorious [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYwlXRVWCCI theme song]](with vocals by Mickey Thomas of Jefferson Starship):
* ChaoticGood [[GoodIsNotNice Is Not Nice]]: Mallory has no trouble with collateral damage during a mission as long she completes it.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: That theme song. Dear ''God'', that theme song.
-->''Here come the Mighty Ducks, burnin' up the ice!''\\
''Just try and stop the Mighty Ducks, and you're gonna pay the price!''\\
''Here come the Mighty Ducks, fightin' for the gold!''\\
''Let's hear it for the Mighty Ducks: Time to rock n' roll!''
* EarWorm: The ThemeSong.
** Its resemblance to a sports team anthem doesn't help.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Ask the fanbase about their favorite character. Duke, Nosedive and Mallory are the usual answers.
** EvilIsSexy: Lucretia Decoy also has a nice fanbase for this very reason.
* HamAndCheese: You have Creator/TimCurry as the BigBad and Creator/TonyJay as one of his henchmen. What more needs to be said?
* HarsherInHindsight: There's a scene in "Beak to the Future" where the ducks shoot down one of Dragonus's ships and it crashes into a tower and explodes, which can't help but invoke 9/11 today, that scene may be the reason why that particular episode was not aired in syndication for very long.
* {{Narm}} / NarmCharm
* SoBadItsGood: In a weird way, you can't ''not'' love that premise.
* TearJerker: The DisneyDeath of Canard Thunderbeak was very shocking for the little kids of the '90s who weren't used to that sort of thing from a Saturday Morning cartoon.
** Also the fact that Chameleon took advantage of it being a DisneyDeath to trick Wildwing later on, pretending to be Canard. Ouch.
* VindicatedByHistory: Initially dismissed as yet another Ninja Turtles knockoff, the show has developed a cult following in recent years. Many say that it's a decent show as long you judge it by its own merits.