YMMV / The Mighty

  • Complete Monster: Alpha One is a seemingly benevolent superhero who soon reveals himself to be something far worse. An alien banished from his homeworld due to his desire to wipe out 10% of the population who were, in his mind, "vagrants", Alpha landed on Earth where he instantly massacred hundreds of soldiers on two sides of a war to test his new powers granted to him by the Earth's sun. Becoming a superhero to gain the trust of humanity, Alpha is in actuality arranging accidents that kill innocents by the hundreds, notably sinking the Titanic, then kidnapping innocent survivors of said accidents and performing horrifying experiments on them, leading to their untimely demises. Having thousands of victims of just his experiments over the centuries, Alpha allies with his new partner, Gabriel Cole, and continues his plans while making Cole his "friend" as they stop terrorists from detonating a nuke that Alpha himself had them construct. When Cole finds out the truth, Alpha reveals that he seeks to create dozens of humans with superpowers like himself, and, after failing to impregnate dozens of women, many unwillingly, Alpha decided to perform experiments on people to get his results. Once perfecting the experiments, Alpha plans to make the powered individuals his "master race", then use them to purge humanity of its "chaotic" and "evil" free will, all while keeping his Master Race under his thumb with threats of death to any who oppose him. Though claiming to want to "save" humankind and seeming to genuinely like Cole, both of these are utterly disproved by the end, where Alpha devolves into ranting that he is a god and boasts that he is happy for the chance to kill Cole, having decided that the man doesn't "deserve" to live under his rule.