YMMV / The Man Who Would Be King

  • Adaptation Displacement: Nowadays, not so much, but back in the 1970s you were much more likely to find folks who had never heard of the short story (which is rather odd, given the use of Kipling himself as a character in the film).
  • Crazy Awesome: Peachy and Danny are on a mission to become KINGS! They also laugh so hard in the face of Death that causes an avalanche that saves them, take out armed tribesmen by spitting one bullet into a fire (while in their underwear) and following the foiling of their plan to blackmail a Rajah they go back and try again (successfully this time).
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: After an early victory against a rival Afghan tribe, the village leader Ootah offers to let Peachy and Danny sleep with one of his daughters as a reward. They turn him down because they had taken a vow of chastity back in India. Misunderstanding this for something else, Ootah then offers up one of his sons.
  • Values Dissonance: While the film does show the negative side of imperialism, all of the native Indian characters are show to be submissive towards the English, which in any case is not inaccurate at least in the context the film shows it. Colonialism effectively poisoned relations between Englishmen and natives, forcing the latter to be more defensive and submissive as a defense mechanism to the white man, otherwise bad things could happen to them (as it did to the passenger in the train compartment in the start). The brave defiant angry caliban type would come later and in the context of anti-colonialist subversive rebel activity rather than social encounters.