YMMV / The Legend of Sun Knight

  • Chaotic Good: Sun is a bit of a Type 4, especially when Judge is around to reign him in, but unlike most Chaotic Goods heís actually rather talented at leading, when he really tries, instead of lazing around; in fact, in volume seven he wakes up to find that the Holy Temple has been steadily falling apart when heís not around to boss everyone.
  • Ho Yay: The manhua depicts a bit between Judgement Knight and the Sun Knight in its first volume. Judgement gives sweets to Sun, and then uses his finger to get some crumbs next to Sun's lips. He tastes the crumbs thoughtlessly, which may be seen as an Indirect Kiss.
  • Lawful Good: Judge is mostly a Type 2, but he has a tad of a Lawful Neutral Type 3 at its very best. And heís got a lot of Neutral Good in him. Mostly, Judge believes that he should do whatís morally right as well as prudent in every situation. Come what may. Even if his best friend keeps trying to get his way through underhanded tricks, thereís only so much silliness Judge will stand for...before he cracks.
  • Neutral Good: Shockingly, given his rather disreputable history, Sun falls into this category quite often. Especially as seen in volume seven, when Sun manages to inspire hope in the entire city just by showing up, after a six month absence.
    Old Woman:*in panic* Sun Knight, youíre not leaving?!?
    Sun: *trying to calm her down* Everything will be fine, I promise.
    Old Woman: *relaxes, and smiles* May the bright God bless you.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Sun freaks out over one heck of a dream, involving his brutal murder of four of his holy knights.
  • Selfish Good: Sun. He's constantly ranting about how being the Sun Knight doesn't let him do much of what he wants (like getting laid), but now and then, he shows deep care for his friends and comrades, and he sticks to his morals when it comes down to it.
    • An untranslated blog entry by the author reveal that Grisia(Sun's name before he became a holy knight) wanted to become the Sun Knight because he'd have comrades he could treat as a family. Also, hinted to be the reason Neo chose him over all the others.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: Sun getting a facial while an undead attack is going on in the city.
  • Uncanny Valley: On first glance Pink looks like a cute little girl with a fondness for the color pink. On a closer look though, we notice that she looks a bit off, for example her skin is literally pink.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: In the first volume of the manhua quite a few people commented on how the knights looked like teenage girls.