Funny / The Legend of Sun Knight

  • When Grisia spends so much time monologuing that he forgets what he is doing, funny things can happen like tripping over himself in midair.
    Random knight: Do it again! Encore!
    Grisia: Screw you! Why hasn't the death knight sent him to the god of light yet?
  • Grisia's reaction when his hair color changes when he uses the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine is priceless.
  • Grisia walking slower than a turtle. Not so funny in the novel, but the manga illustrates it with a literal turtle outpacing Grisia. The turtle was shocked.
  • The Noodle Incident when Grisia fell over 500 step stairway gracefully. Since that, Grisia avoided the Church's treasurer - whose hand always seem close to pushing him off somewhere - since the visiting queen donated a very large sum for the Sun Knight's recovery (which was more for the benefit of the Church since Grisia has a very good recovery rate).
  • Grisia getting stopped by his own knights for being suspicious, and their reactions. Meanwhile, the Death Knight they're looking for is sitting right next to Grisia. They completely ignore him. He's laughing. Despite having his emotions dampened upon death.
    "“Could it be that Sun is no longer being blessed by the God of Light, so the holy aura permeating this body is lost to the extent that my fellow holy knights would mistake Sun to be a Death Knight brimming with dark aura?”
    “No, no, that’s not how it is!” The seven of them simultaneously shook their heads, a truly dramatic sight to behold!
    “Then is it because Sun’s behavior and movements are overly devious and shifty, to the extent that my fellow holy knights would mistake Sun to be a Death Knight lurking about?” The seven of them again shook their heads simultaneously, gyrating back and forth at 180°.
    “Then could it just be a beautiful misunderstanding permitted by the God of Light on occasion?” The seven of them shook their heads again until they realized what I had just said. After making seven different terrified expressions, they all started to adjust their heads to move up and down."