* AlasPoorScrappy: In ''XIII'', [[spoiler:Ash gives one last smile before he disappears from existence ''[[RetGone entirely]]''. Suffice to say, Elizabeth wasn't the only one heartbroken that day.]]
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation:
** One that extends to the entire [[NotSoHarmlessVillain New]] {{Face|OfAnAngelMindOfADemon}}s Team: were they generally nice and decent, unassuming citizens whose personalities were [[SplitPersonalityTakeover permanently overridden]] by [[SuperpoweredEvilSide their true selves]], or were they [[EvilAllAlong always that evil]], their [[BitchInSheepsClothing current persona being a ruse]] with the trio letting pieces of their malicious nature slip through the cracks every now and then [[note]](for example, [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant the songs CYS composed dealt heavily with blood and death]])[[/note]] until there was [[BrokenMasquerade no longer a need to keep up the charade]]? [[TakeAThirdOption Or, to take another route]], when their status as Heavenly Kings was revealed, did they go along with the plan to resurrect Orochi, not because of [[UndyingLoyalty their loyalty]] or [[EvilFeelsGood the pleasure that evildoing brought]], but because [[IgnoredEpiphany they couldn't]] [[DespairEventHorizon turn back]] and [[BecauseDestinySaysSo go against their fate]]? [[WildMassGuessing Or maybe]] did they ''start'' [[TheEveryman as nice and decent people]] [[note]](only with [[NightmareFetishist unusual tastes]] as mentioned above)[[/note]], but once they set in their places as Heavenly Kings, they decided [[EvilFeelsGood it was more fun/convenient to side with Orochi]] and [[FaceHeelTurn willingly threw themselves in their roles]]?
** In ''XIII'', [[spoiler:Mature and Vice warn Iori that if he takes back the Yasakani-no-Magatama, he'll be subjected to his clan's curse once more. Seeing as they're agents of Orochi, it's possible that they were hoping that if Yagami didn't take the Yasakani-no-Magatama, the Three Sacred Treasures would no longer be complete and Orochi would finally be freed from its seal once the time came. However, it could also qualify as a PetTheDog moment; maybe they ''did'' care about Iori enough to place his well being over their mission to resurrect Orochi.]]
** Athena's crush on Kyo and its treatment in current canon. Did her feelings for him ''really'' exist outside ''KOF: KYO'' [[note]]where she moves to Osaka specifically to keep an eye on him and then remains in his circle of friends even after learning he's with Yuki[[/note]], the ''[='98=]'' CD drama [[note]]where she and Shingo are worried over Kyo's crisis and struggles[[/note]] and the ''2000'' CD drama [[note]]where her concern over Kyo's well being is PlayedForLaughs until they share a quite more serious conversation at the end[[/note]]? Or did they just slowly idle out as she became more focused in her IdolSinger[=/=]ActionGirl careers, thus cooling off and shifting to friendship without any LoveHurts process? Keep in mind that in ''XIII'' their pre-fight talks come off as quite non-romantic (and if she speaks to NESTS!Kyo, she pretty much tells him "[[LovedINotHonorMore Yuki supports your quests]] alongside everyone else"), and both normal!Kyo and NESTS!Kyo's talks with Kensou do '''not''' make any allusions to Athena's feelings for Kyo - noticeable since [[BerserkButton Kensou gets PISSED]] if it even seems someone might take Athena's romantic interest away from him.
** In XIII, more than half the cast points out [[{{stripperific}} the indecency]] of what little Mai's wearing, with some telling her to PleasePutSomeClothesOn. But is it an amusing subversion of [[MsFanservice her usual status]], or are they all SlutShaming her?
* AmbiguouslyGay: Because of his reason for not shacking up with [[MsFanservice Mai]], some people within the fandom theorize and wonder if Andy Bogard is [[AmbiguouslyGay gay]].
** Spoofed with a couple of his special intros with Mai, where she shows him a (fake) baby that looks like him and he looks shocked.
** His AmbiguouslyGay status in the fandom was apparently also parodied in Mai's ending for ''Gals Fighters'': [[spoiler:Andy refuses to marry Mai arguing that he has secretly been a woman all this time; fortunately for Mai, it was AllJustADream, and she immediately wakes up]].
** XIV tries to avert this by having Andy and Mai finally be together in a relationship.
* AmericansHateTingle: Ash Crimson, along with Choi and Chang. The Japanese pretty much loves Ash, while the West hates him with a passion (his end fate notwithstanding).
* AntiClimaxBoss:
** Orochi. Not of his game (''KOF '97'' was rather easy anyway), but of the Orochi Saga as a whole. He remains one of the easiest end bosses to beat. Possibly justified in that Orochi is the last of a ''group'' of {{Sequential Boss}}es (unless you defeat him with Kyo, [[BonusBoss prompting a final battle with Iori]]) including Orochi Iori/Orochi Leona ''and'' the Orochi Team.
** [[TheStarscream Clone Zero]]. Despite the fact that he's got a fast-loading super meter and abuses his supers on a regular basis, he's surprisingly easy to defeat, much easier than Krizalid. He's pretty much the easiest FinalBoss in the entire NESTS saga.
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMoments: Any time Ralf's [[MegatonPunch Galactica Phantom]] succeeds in hitting the opponent. Even more so against human opponents, since they are ten times less likely to fall for it than the AI. (For those needing further clarification, the Galactica Phantom is absurdly powerful [to the point that it had to be toned down from its [[OneHitKill OHKO]] status in ''[='98=]''], but also has an ungodly [[ChargedAttack charge time]]; a fully-powered one requires seven or eight seconds. It is, essentially, a DeathOrGloryAttack cranked UpToEleven.)
* AwesomeAnimation: One thing that really got it noticed back in 94 and made it a contender against ''Street Fighter''. The spite animation in the earlier games is utterly gorgeous and still hold up well to this day. By 2003 they were really getting it down pat, just look how smoothly Ash throws his fireball at the screen in the intro. That's all spite animated!
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: [[AwesomeMusic/{{SNK}} Many]].
* BadassDecay: Terry, Andy, Ryo, and Robert [[HeroOfAnotherStory were originally the heroes]] of their respective games (from ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' and ''[[VideoGame/ArtOfFighting Art of Fighting]]'' respectively). But ever since joining the KOF roster, [[DemotedToExtra they've steadily been pushed further into the background.]] Few of their team endings ever have anything to do with what's going on at the tournament, as they've mainly become comic relief.
* BaseBreakingCharacter:
** A number of characters have a fair share of fans and haters, but Sylvie takes the cake; an adorable modern idol with a hidden sadistic streak, or a God-forsaken kawaii POS that was an out-of-place abomination from as early as the leaked concept art?
** Many South American fans (excluding Brazilians) do not like the South American Team, or at least say they should have called Team Brazil. Why? Because despite the name of the team, its member are all Brazilians. Even Zarina, despite being Colombian, lives in Brazil and has more Brazilian elements than Colombians in her design.
** Nakoruru's teammates from the Another World Team (Mui Mui and Love Heart). One part think they're pretty cool additions and showing that SNK is pretty fair to even their Pachinko titles even as they are leaving the venture behind. The other camp is the camp that assumes that [[FanDumb they're instantly bad characters]] solely because of [[AmericansHateTingle how reviled Pachislot games are to just them at least]] after the bad taste to Pachinko left by Creator/{{Konami}}. Or just people who were pretty salty that SNK did not use actual old arcade series that they'd know already, like those featured in ''VideoGame/NeoGeoBattleColiseum'' (majorly ''VideoGame/WorldHeroes'' and ''VideoGame/TheLastBlade''). Even sometimes Nakoruru took small heat on it because they thought her team is 'Team Pachinko', only to be reminded that ''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown'' existed long before Pachinko (though the series did get several Pachislot series after getting a FranchiseKiller game)
** To some, the whole thing between K9999 and Nameless. The first camp believes that K9999 really is that badly designed carbon copy of Tetsuo and a sign of DorkAge better left forgotten (and it doesn't help that he's a complete {{Jerkass}}), while Nameless is really a more compelling original TragicHero or TragicVillain character. The other camp believes otherwise, believing that Nameless came off really dull due to his monotone delivery, and K9999, while being a complete jerk and a carbon copy, at least still has a personality, even if a nasty one, to entertain them; some of them even ''like'' the overt Tetsuo reference. Proving that, yes, as much as SNK hated the guy, there are still K9999 fans.
** Rock Howard: Some fans, especially those who remember him from ''[[VideoGame/FatalFury Garou: Mark of the Wolves]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/CapcomVsSNK2MarkOfTheMillennium Capcom vs. SNK 2]]'' are generally happy at his inclusion in the [=KoF=] cast. However, other longtime series fans find him to be a boring, generic, [[{{Bishounen}} animé pretty boy]] who copies some of Terry and Geese's moves but doesn't have what makes them interesting to play. The fact that he was [[TierInducedScrappy low tier]] in most of his appearances (especially in ''Garou'') doesn't help, although SNK has promised that [[TookALevelInBadass he would be buffed quite a bit]], no doubt pleasing those who wanted him in action again.
* BrokenBase: The series going 3D again in the KOF XIV announcement trailer. Some welcome it, believing that 3D models will be much more efficient and allow them to put more characters into the game and shorten development time, while others believe the initial graphics presented in the trailer look like a [=PS2=] game, drudging up memories of the already-divisive ''Maximum Impact'' series, and others still believe that the new entry should have either kept the high-quality sprites of ''XIII'' or went with a graphics style more like that of ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear Xrd'' or ''VideoGame/DragonBallFighterz'' (3D models with shading to make them look like sprites). Due to this, the graphics update in 1.10 is warmly accepted by the fanbase.
* ComplacentGamingSyndrome: A majority of characters in the series were overused by players quite a lot:
** Iori Yagami was a very reliable character in the hands of a good player, having very solid offense and damage output once you get back some of his possibly clunky moves and slow walking speed. This is mainly due to the fact that his moveset is simple and very effective, but he lacks in solid pressure due to some unsafe attacks on block or on whiff.
** The Orochi versions of the New Faces Team were used much more than their original versions; Orochi Shermie was the least used, and meanwhile, Orochi Yashiro was considered a high tier character.
** Goro Daimon, due to his high damage potential as a grappler and some very reliable gimmicks compared to other grapplers of his kind.
** Takuma Sakazaki, due to his powerful offensive game when he corners his opponent.
** In '98, and more so in the ''Ultimate Match'' version, the EX versions of the characters were overused in several tournaments. EX Yamazaki, EX Billy, EX Mary, EX Ryo and EX Yuri being very frequent in the scene. Due to that case, EX Geese (who was a rebalanced version of Nightmare and ''Real Bout Fatal Fury 2'' Geese in one) was used a lot more than normal Geese, possibly due to his better zoning with actual projectile-based Reppuuken attacks.
** Kim Kaphwan was as a staple for several offensive Tae Kwon Do characters; due to the nature of the ''KOF'' series overall, he was a very perfect character for space control and offensive pressure alike.
** K' wasn't often as frequent in the past, but a lot of current installments make him very frequent due to his nasty and simple combo potential and his very solid space control game.
** Krauser, as mentioned in the GameBreaker section below, ESPECIALLY his ''Ultimate Match'' incarnation. He was thankfully nerfed quite a bit in the ''Final Edition'' version.
** A bit averted in ''XIII''; almost every single character due to their improvements for the pacing of the new engine has been in tournament limelight, despite the fact that some DLC characters were really out there (like EX Iori who was pretty much the original incarnation everyone played-the-hell-out-of, and EX Kyo). Billy and Saiki get a lot of love too.
* CompleteMonster:
** [[BloodKnight Rugal Bernstein]], the BigBad of the very first game, does evil [[ForTheEvulz for the sake of being evil]], and [[AGodAmI considers himself a God]]. He is a wealthy and powerful ArmsDealer who killed many martial artists just to [[WaxMuseumMorgue bathe their bodies in liquid bronze and make them into decorative statues for his yacht]]. In Heidern's backstory, we find out that Rugal slaughtered all 50 soldiers in the guy's squad before killing [[ItsPersonal his wife and daughter]], who he had previously kidnapped, just for the fun of it, and topping it off with [[EyeScream gouging out Heidern's left eye]] and leaving him to live in despair. He also beat Saisyu Kusanagi to near-death and tried to blow up his own ship upon defeat so that the Japan Team would die with him. Rugal survives and hosts the 1995 tournament, where he seeks revenge for his plans being foiled. He has Saisyu brainwashed and forced to fight his son. Rugal [[CardCarryingVillain openly treasures his evil heart and hates justice]]. He lacks ambitions of world domination, but his atrocities make him stand out among other ''KOF'' villains.
** ''The King of Fighters 2000'': [[TheStarscream Clone Zero]] may not be the leader of NESTS, but stands as its most wicked member. At the conclusion of the 2000 tournament, he reveals his ultimate plan: using the fighters' energy to fuel his KillSat, the Zero Cannon. This would be the key step in Zero's desire to [[TakeOverTheWorld create a new world order where he would rule supreme, not NESTS]]. Before the fight, he demonstrates the cannon's power by destroying the city of Southtown. After being defeated and his device shut down for good, he reveals to Whip in his dying breath that she is a clone of K's sister, angering her enough to shoot him dead. The game's story reveals more of Zero's deeds: he murdered Heidern's close friend Ling and impersonated him, creating a clone of the murdered man to act as his spy in the VideoGame/IkariWarriors. He also killed Krizalid in '''99'' for [[YouHaveFailedMe failing him]]. Unlike the other NESTS villains, Clone Zero has no sympathetic traits. He is an utter {{hypocrite}} who hates traitors while being one himself, and his desire to TakeOverTheWorld led to the destruction of an entire city. He stands out in the saga for his sheer and absolute malevolence.
* CrackPairing:
** Iori and Kasumi. It is perhaps [[FanPreferredCouple the most popular]] non-HoYay pairing despite the fact that they've probably never even ''met''.
** Shingo/Kasumi. Less cracky by nature, but the fact remains that it's a fan pairing [[ShipsThatPassInTheNight between two characters with minimal (if any) interaction in canon]] stemming solely from the fact that she criticizes Shingo for relying too heavily on his notebook (thus holding up their fight) in their ''[=2002UM=]'' intro pose.
** Kyo/Yuri. It has a surprising fan following that's quite impressive for two characters who are on decent terms, but barely know each other. Two official ''KOF'' pictures of them being together only adds more fuel to the fire.
* CrazyAwesome: Duck King. The dude is [[FunPersonified almost always cheerful]], overly eccentric, and can pull off some of the craziest stunts... using [[DanceBattler breakdancing moves]] ''[[RuleOfCool that are humanly impossible]]'' (in RealLife, employing breakdancing as a martial art would leave you with several broken bones ''at best''). Oh, and did we mention [[HeadPet the family of ducks living inside his hair]] that copy his every move? This was before [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII Sazh]], mind you.
* CreatorsPet:
** Not many people like Ash, yet SNK let him get away with pretty controversial stuff, such as stealing Iori's powers. [[spoiler:For very good reasons, in the end. And he gets an AlasPoorScrappy send-off that made him gain some people's partial forgiveness.]]
** K' serves as this to the Japanese fandom; he's ''substantially'' better-received outside of Japan, though.
* DesignatedHero: Compare the actions of [[VillainProtagonist Ash]] and his "Hero Team" to that of previous heroes Kyo and K'. [[spoiler:This gets subverted in ''XIII'', where it's revealed that he indeed had an agenda (a good one to boot!), but [[WellIntentionedExtremist had to go out of his way to make it work]].]]
* DieForOurShip:
** Kyo's girlfriend, Yuki, is ''loathed'' by Kyo x (insert: Iori, Shingo, Athena, etc.) shippers.
** Athena, who's otherwise likable, is also hated by rabid Kensou fans of both genders who accuse her of being an ungrateful slut who plays with his feelings since she refuses or ignores his advances, and sometimes she's twisted into a self-centered skank who plays with both Kensou and Kyo's feelings solely for her own pleasure. Never mind that the worst she has done is either ignoring or turning Kensou's affections down, while also caring for him when he needs it. Although she does start dating Kensou in the ''Maximum Impact'' continuity, but has to keep it a secret given her idol status (which, in-universe, would ironically put Kensou himself as the one to die for the ship).
** People couldn't believe that Andy didn't throw himself at the feet of an attractive and popular character like Mai who chases after him, so they bash him to death since "OMG THE HOTTEST WOMAN EVER LIKES YOU, YOU MUST BE AN IDIOT OR GAY TO NOT F*CK HER!" Finally averted in XIV where Mai and Andy are now finally in a relationship.
* DorkAge: Some fans perceive the period of time Eolith produced the games, especially ''2001'' as this. The way ''2001'' plays is in general more glitchy and gimmicky (letting you choose how many teammates and strikers you want, for starters - meaning you can even fight ''1-vs-4 battles'', something that should only be reserved for bosses) than any other incarnation of the series, and is in general a mess. The music for these games has been compared to the sounds of robots farting, and Eolith [[ExecutiveMeddling introduced a few of their own character designs]] (although a scant few, like [[EnsembleDarkhorse May Lee]], were more favorably received). When Creator/{{SNK}} [[BackFromTheDead reclaimed the wheel]] as SNK Playmore, among the first things they did was to [[{{Retcon}} wipe several elements from]] ''[[{{Retcon}} 2001]]'' [[{{Retcon}} right out of the canon]], including the whole character of K9999 (also a blatant CaptainErsatz of [[Manga/{{Akira}} Tetsuo]]) and [[KilledOffForReal Foxy's death]].\\\
''[[DreamMatchGame 2002]]'', however, averts this to some extent even though it's made by Eolith. It's still one of the most played versions in the series competitively, and even after the release of ''[[UpdatedRerelease 2002: Unlimited Match]]'' you'll still see some original ''[='02=]'' tournies being played. Now, ''2001'' on the other hand? Nope.
* EarWorm: [[https://youtu.be/jwbFjXfuQIU "Follow Me"]], the theme of ''XIV'', is ridiculously energetic and catchy. It's hard not to get excited while listening to this song.
* EnsembleDarkhorse:
** Shermie. A one-shot villain who never officially appears in future non-dream match installments, but remains very popular and ends up being included in both ''VideoGame/SNKGalsFighters'' and ''VideoGame/NeoGeoBattleColiseum''. It helps that she's got a killer rack and [[ShesGotLegs nice legs]].
** Shermie's teammates: Yashiro Nanakase and Chris.
** Eiji Kisaragi, the no-nonsense {{ninja}} from ''VideoGame/ArtOfFighting 2''. ''Very'' popular among the fandom. Discounting his appearance in the ''KOF: KYO'' manga, SNK finally brought him back in ''XI'' to please the crowd after an '''eight''' game absence. (Note: his last in-game appearance was in ''[='95=]'', ''the second game in the series''.)
** Ron, the badass [[NonPlayerCharacter NPC]] who shows up in ''KOF 2000'', is a notable example.
** Even the [[ButtMonkey American Sports Team]] has a surprisingly large following despite the fact that they only appeared canonically in the very first installment.
** Oswald. A combination of being one of the best characters in the game and just having a pretty damn cool character design made him one of the most popular characters on the ''XI'' roster. Fans were excited when he was teased, then later announced, for ''XIV's'' second round of DLC characters. Pretty impressive for someone who was essentially meant as a one-off character.
** May Lee is a favorite who oddly enough was also a ReplacementScrappy for some time.
** Angel, even though she only appears in ''2001'' canonically, gets a lot of popularity due to being very powerful gameplay-wise and being quite the bombshell. Enough that she even reappears in ''XIV'' when people would least suspect her (with Ramon to boot).
** In the new ''XIV'', King of Dinosaurs' introduction was met with favorable reception, mostly because he's basically a [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs dinosaur-themed]] [[{{Expy}} Tizoc]].[[note]] Especially since he is Tizoc trying to perform a FaceHeelTurn...emphasis on "trying".[[/note]]
** Hein, Geese's BattleButler from XIV also has been received favourably. Especially after early loketest footage showing off his moveset were posted online.
** The Official Invitation Team. Sylvie is a minor BaseBreaker but still fairly well-liked, Mian is seen as a character with a unique design and fighting style and {{Moe}} personality due to her shyness and Kukri's edginess being ramped UpToEleven with his meanspirited and insulting winquotes makes some see him as a hilarious {{Troll}} and tongue in cheek take on edgy characters, not to mention his dark design and sand powers (also having the [[Creator/HirokiTakahashi current voice]] of [[Franchise/StreetFighter Ryu]] may help).
** Meitenkun from the China team seems really well-liked thanks to his looks and rather adorable mannerisms.
** While all four of the characters for ''XIV''[='s=] DLC Pack 1 have had fans, a lot were excited to see Rock Howard finally make his main series debut.
* EpilepticTrees: While many fans hope that this ''doesn't'' come to pass (or at least not in the terms described), a prevalent theory is that, should SNKP ever go bankrupt again (as in, for good), their last action will be to create one final "{{dream match|Game}}" title, but UpToEleven: a ''The King of Fighters Universal Match'' which would bring back every character that was ''ever'' in a ''KOF'' game back for the last hurrah.
* EvilIsCool: Most of the villains, natch. Even if they are {{Complete Monster}}s. As a result, DracoInLeatherPants ensues, though it's a wide spectrum for who qualifies and who doesn't.
* EvilIsSexy: About 80% of the villains. No, ''really''. See that trope's main page for more details.
* {{Fanon}}: Orochi Leona's habit of popping up at the wrong time, as well as her pleasured-sounding screams. [[AllPeriodsArePMS Three]] [[NoPeriodsPeriod guesses]] [[InterplayOfSexAndViolence what.]]
* FauxSymbolism:
** This is the entire theme of Goenitz as a character. To get the ball rolling, he's pretty much the head priest of a ReligionOfEvil which heralds the advent of [[{{Orochi}} a quasi-deity]] comparable to [[UsefulNotes/{{Gnosticism}} the Demiurge]].
** Iori skirts the line. There are lots of references to the number eight in his moves and other areas. His signature [[LimitBreak super]][=/=][[InsistentTerminology Desperation Move]], the Ya Otome, is frequently translated in English as "Eight Maidens". The move also hits exactly 8 times in its base form. Iori's other super, the Ya Sakazuki ("Eight Wine Cups"), launches a fire spark that can explode into eight advancing columns of fire at its maximum; the DM that replaces that is the Yashiori (Eight Ferments), a reference to the Yashiori/Yashio'ori no Sake (Sake of Eight Salt Snappers), the type of wine used by Susano'o to intoxicate the Orochi. All of this is related to Orochi being an 8-headed demon and the legend that he sought out eight maidens to devour. As his family made a pact with the Orochi, this has some meaning but ultimately does not contribute to his character in any significant way, unless one refers to his VillainOverride NeckLift done to Orochi himself at the end of ''[='=]97''... There is also the way his design invokes himself as Kyo's opposite in several ways.
** [[spoiler:Evil Ash has a DM where the screen is filled with '''black''' flames, in direct contrast to Elizabeth's Neo MAX, which bathes the screen in '''white''' light.]]
** The ''Maximum Impact'' series is just rife with this. The series' cast features aliens with bizarre powers (even by ''KOF'' standards) among their ranks; [[BigBad main antagonist]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiva Jivatma]] is one of said aliens and controls one of the sub-syndicates of Addes, an organization whose seal is that of the GrimReaper, uses [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metatron Metatron]] as its public name, and whose known branches take their names from various corners of angelology and demonology (they're respectively named Children of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kokabiel Kokaviel,]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kushiel Kusiel,]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mephistopheles Mephistopheles,]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belphegor Belphegor]]).
* FoeYay: Iori Yagami, who spends roughly ninety-eight percent of his time thinking about what Kyo is doing, following Kyo around, and fantasizing about ways to kill him. (Meanwhile, Kyo just wants to live his life as a fighter at the fullest and be left the heck alone, and not to mention he barely cares about the whole Orochi deal unless either he and/or his friends are directly involved.) This is actually [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in the DatingSim SpinOff series, ''Days of Memories''--which sometimes has the two play the role of romantic rivals--and in ''XIII''.
-->'''Maxima''' [''to NESTS!Kyo, after he asks if he's still "babysitting" K' and Kula'']: Well, at least I don't have a psychotic stalker!
-->'''Ash Crimson''' [''to Flames!Iori'']: You're pathetic. You know what? Kusanagi this and Kusanagi that... What are you? His crazy ex?
* GameBreaker:
** Armor Ralf in ''Maximum Impact 2''. As the name implies, it's Ralf decked out in armor. This version of Ralf is a contender for the most broken non-boss fighting game character of all time. He has super armor, cannot be thrown normally, has infinite priority, does '''EVEN MORE DAMAGE THAN NORMAL RALF''', and cannot be knocked down. He was so broken that he was actually removed from the ''Regulation A'' upgrade to the game, though his data and model are still on the disc. His only real disadvantage is a universal one: Sabaki reversals can't be used against projectiles.
** Angel in ''2002''. She is meant to be played by players with experience in string-system combos; however, since this system would be considered hard to use properly, the game rewards Angel with long invincibility periods while doing her moves. This translates in the opponent having to guess what Angel will do and attack in the hopes that her next move won't have invincibility, which leads to many frame-trap shenanigans. Also, one of her moves in the string is a uppercut that can hit the opponent while he is recovering in the air. Should Angel spam this on the corner, we have an infinite combo that requires absolutely no power stocks.
** Billy Kane fights with a stick that gives him a unfair advantage at zoning. He also has a incredibly fast 2-hit attack that can be abused and can combo with other way stronger moves, should it hit near the corner. His ''[=MI2=]'' incarnation is far worse. The ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}''-esque dial-a combos only bolster his rushdown game, his specials come out ''far'' quicker with less recovery time, and he gains devastating new attacks revolving around his bo. In other words, he can do all sorts of wicked shit. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeEGd18auCk This match]] from ''[=MI2=]'' and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxfhT3fNbiU this match]] from ''[[UpdatedRerelease Regulation A]]'' are good examples of what you're up against.
** Alba Meira, [[WordOfGod supposedly]] being a "[[AuthorAvatar cooler Falcoon]]," receives godly tools like an anti-air command throw and a ''triple'' projectile, making him the most versatile character in the game. In ''Maximum Impact: Regulation A'', though, Alba is outclassed by the series' proverbial CreatorsPet, Ash Crimson, as he gains a ton of new moves he hasn't gained in the original games he's been in that of course, give him a ton of variation. And now you know what the "A" in ''Regulation A'' stands for.
** Athena's Psycho Ball projectile possesses almost instant recovery, as well as having a teleport and a bug that makes her retreat at absurd speed when doing a backdash. Should you be at a lower health when the match time is about to finish, unless you're a very fast character yourself there's pretty much nothing you can do other than try and follow her while avoiding her projectiles and watching out for a DM that jolts you if you touch her.
** Choi is a dwarf; his {{hitbox|Dissonance}} is about half the vertical size of a regular character. Most attacks, including specials and a good number of super moves pass right above his head; essentially cutting in half the viable options, strategies and combos of practically every other character in the game. Because of this, he's been top-to-god tier in almost every single installment of the series, and a staple TierInducedScrappy.
** Iori Yagami in ''[='98=]'' is beatable due to his clunky moves and his slow movement, yes, but he is also a god-tier character. Pretty much all of his moves, normal or not, have a longer range than they look, and are solid combo tools giving him deadly hit confirms. His air attacks hit extremely low, so much that his jumping C can easily hit a ''crouching'' [[HitboxDissonance Choi Bounge]], and lets not get into his very reliable cross-up kick that pulls in opponents on hit. He has a invincible grab (Kuzukaze/Scum Wind) that makes the opponent open to anything, and anything he does can combo into his Aoihana (Hollyhock Flower), a 3-input move that deals high damage, rewards Iori with a hard knockdown for okizeme and quickly stuns the opponent. And, he has a fast projectile of his own, allowing him to zone. AND, his Ya Otome AKA Maiden Masher DM rushes toward the opponent with high priority, low enough to go under any midair projectile and like all ranbu-type supers it's possible to hit opponents with it who happen to be jumping in. Go ahead, try to find a pro-level match where Iori isn't present.
*** As mentioned before, Iori is more of a shotoclone-like character, but due to his unique moves and his actually high damage output, he's often used a lot as he provides massive combo potential and decent mixup. Though he's a bit of a case of DifficultButAwesome due to the fact that his moves are clunky, as in very easy to punish if misused, and his walking speed is quite slow. In it all, Iori is powerful, but still a difficult character to manage due to some of his more unsafe tools.
** Wolfgang Krauser in ''[='98UM=]''. Normal moves have good reach and damage, simple but damaging Bread and Butter combos and an auto-combo DM that can serve many functions like Iori's Maiden Masher DM. Eventually in the Final Edition version of that game, he was heavily nerfed in terms of total damage done on several of his moves and a bit of range and more recovery on them, while other characters received some nice buffs.
** Rugal's [[ThatOneAttack Genocide Cutter]] in ''KOF '94''. At maximum power, it can be a OneHitKill. Coupled with his SNKBoss status... WordOfGod apologizes for "going a bit overboard" with the damage ratio. The move was toned down in later installments, but is still quite devastating.
** Daimon in ''[='98=]'', thanks to a glitch. Averted in ''Ultimate Match'', which removed said glitch.
** Heidern's Moon Slasher and Stormbringer in ''KOF '94''. Due to [[GoodBadBugs bugs]], these two moves had abusive damage ratios to the point that a maximum power Stormbringer could ''[[OneHitKill one-shot a character who was at full health.]]'' Luckily, these bugs were addressed by the time ''[='95=]'' rolled in, but was intentionally added back in his DLC version in ''XIV'' as a re-balanced easter egg as seen [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg9-DrDNiVs here]].
** Ralf's Galatica Phantom in ''[=EX2=]: Howling Blood''. This version has a much, much shorter charge time despite it still being an SDM. As a trade-off, it loses some of its power, but still eats about 50% off of an opponent's lifebar. Go buck wild with it, and watch the body count skyrocket.
** A highly technical combo involves Ralf cancelling out of his Blazing Vulcan Punch on the last hit and performing the Galatica Phantom. In other words, the moment the opponent recovers, they're greeted by Ralf's (unblockable) fist.
** Eiji in ''[='95=]''. He held of the distinction of being able to chain almost anything together. Seriously, [[ButtonMashing you could flail your hands across the controller like a frantic monkey]] and still catch your opponent off-guard about 75% of the time.
** Orochi Iori was playable via a rather simple code in the ''KOF '97'' arcade, as was Orochi Leona and the Orochi New Faces Team. And they were ''not'' brought down.
** Gato and Kula received one too many buffs in ''XI'', thrusting them into top-tier. Oswald, too, thanks to his speed and versatility.
** Krizalid. Yes, he might be a SNKBoss, but the Typhoon Rage gives Rugal's Genocide Cutter a run for its money with its omni-priority, high damage output, juggling ability, and the ability to fill his super meter at ''the speed of sound IF YOU BLOCK IT''. In ''2002: Ultimate Match'', this fact alone makes Krizalid more broken than Clone Zero, Original Zero, ''"lovable" Igniz'', and ''Omega Rugal himself''. Only [[PurposelyOverpowered Nightmare Geese]] can outdo him. And none of this is counting ''the rest of'' Krizalid's devastating moveset, chief amongst them Lethal Impact, an attack throw which triples as an anti-air, an overhead, ''and'' a counter. The supervising designer of Krizalid even noted, [[{{Understatement}} "I think I overdid it a little."]]
** Nightmare Geese has faster Reppuukens, and non-negateable Shippuukens (meaning they pass through all projectiles and CAN'T BE CANCELLED BY ANOTHER NIGHTMARE GEESE'S SHIPPUUKENS) and that he can fire FOUR of them at once, a powerful multi-hitting OTG version of his Raging Storm, a throw much like Iori's where he can toss you aside and leave you open to a free combo (one of his throws in past Fatal Fury games) AND even has an infinite combo involving one of his old command normals chained into his x4 Shippuuken. Averted in ''XIV'' where Nightmare Geese is simply a skin for Geese (as well as being balanced beforehand in ''[=MI2=]'' and ''Regulation A'').
** Foxy is so broken of a character that to this date, she is the only playable character '''completely banned''' from any official ''KOF'' contests - unblockable low kicks, lightning fast moves with high priority and supers that can be easily chained with her moves to deal huge damage combos. Oh, and did we mention that one of her supers is a [[TakingYouWithMe suicide-bombing move?]] Luckily, ''[[UpdatedRerelease 2002UM]]'' toned her down by reducing her attack speeds and move priorities.
** Chin in the early games, particularly due to his DM. It was easily spammable, had virtually no startup time, and the chip damage was ridiculous. Any time a Chin player saw themselves with a low lifebar, it was time to RUN AWAY. (Hence why it was made into his NEOMAX instead in newer titles.)
** Nakoruru in ''XIV'', due to a combination of things, her heavy and EX Annu Mutsube can be made safe on block for one. Then there's her bird, Mamahaha, which acts as a projectile that comes in at a diagonal angle, making it work both as a long range poke and an anti-air move. Add to this the fact that it cannot be stopped by hitting Nakoruru which means it can break her out of combos, and even stop [=DM=]s in their tracks. There's a reason Mamahaha has been nicknamed [[MemeticMutation Bird Jesus]] by some players, and this would really bring back the nightmares of how broken she was in ''VideoGame/CapcomVsSNKMillenniumFight2000''.
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff:
** Chang, along with Choi, is one of the franchise's most popular characters in Korea. Now you know why Chang was included in the ''[=CvS2=]'' lineup ([[AssistCharacter with Choi along for the ride]]) and how Choi himself made it into ''[=SvC=]: SVC Chaos''.
** K' is much more popular in the States than he is in Japan; some American ''KOF'' fans regard him to be a better character than previous protagonist Kyo. K' did, at least, receive some backlash before the fans warmed up to him.
** The series is very popular in Central and South America, where arcade owners found it more cost-effective to utilize Neo Geo cabinets and keep up with the latest entries by simply purchasing new cartridges, as opposed to whole cabinets. As a result, audiences in those regions were more exposed to ''KOF'' than its more expensive (and better known elsewhere) competitors such as ''Franchise/StreetFighter'', and many professional KOF players are Mexicans who started out as the archetypal kid who spent the tortillas' change at the KOF arcade in the corner shop. Characters such as Ramon and Angel (and eventually the Mexico and South America teams) were made to acknowledge the popularity of the games and the audience in those regions.
* GoodBadBugs:
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QflofETvmPo This series of videos]] is ''all'' you need to see.
** [[FanNickname The Amazing Flying Jhun]] glitch in ''2003''. To elaborate, one of Jhun's aerial moves involved stomping on your head. Performing a roll quickly after successfully executing this technique would leave Jhun hovering in the air. On top of that, his pushback was no longer functional, allowing him to smash ''anyone'' open with the purest of ease. For examples, see [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QpYoHprg_c here]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqmxhEfim3M here.]] However, as seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgRqXcOj8K4 here,]] it can also go horribly wrong and end in utter, [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments hilarious]] humiliation.
** According to developers, Takuma had several extended combos in ''94'' that ''weren't'' supposed to be there initially. But when they removed the combos during testing, they felt he was weaker without them, so they left them in. Some of these combos would stay in for later games that Takuma appeared in.
* GrowingTheBeard: General consensus is that ''KOF '96'' was the point where the series really began to take off. The [[StoryArc Orochi Saga]] was in full swing, overall gameplay felt smoother and more accessible, forward dashing was omitted in favor of running, rolling replaced the dodge mechanic, and music shined across the board as opposed to the previous two games (arguably) having only a handful of notable tunes.
* HoYay:
** Aside of the Kyo/Iori super hyper FoeYay? For someone who was apparently said to be CampStraight by the developing team themselves, some of Benimaru's pre-battle quotes against handsome males in ''XIII'' were rather... flirty. Especially against Shen and Duo Lon.
** Shingo's hero worship of Kyo can be ''very'' easily seen as a man-crush, most noticeable in their special pre-match intros for both '98 and '99.
* HilariousInHindsight:
** In ''[='99=]'', Ralf's victory quote was "I can survive anything--even nukes!" Fast forward to [[TheCameo his and Clark's inclusion in]] ''VideoGame/MetalSlug 6'' where Ralf is the only member of the playable cast who ''isn't'' a OneHitPointWonder.
** With a possible side of FandomNod: In the ''VideoGame/{{MUGEN}}'' fanbase, the ''KOF''-centric Vans gave his version of Kyo an aerial version of the Orochinagi. Come ''XIII''...
** K9999's official profile on the ''KOF'' 10th Anniversary website blatantly acknowledges his resemblance to [[Manga/{{Akira}} Tetsuo]]. Shortly after ''2002: Unlimited Match'' [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute was released]], his picture on the site was mysteriously deleted.
* IAmNotShazam: The Sega Saturn port of ''[='95=]'' refers to him as "Omega Rugal", even when recapping the events of the previous game... when he ''wasn't'' Omega Rugal. Likewise, the O in his name stands for '''O'''mega, ''not'' '''O'''rochi, a common misconception, seeing as he draws upon the Orochi power.
%%* IronWoobie:
%%** Heidern.
%%** Iori.
%%** K'.
%%** Most likely Duo Lon.
%%** Ash.
* JerkassWoobie:
** All things considered with the Yagami/Yasakani's [[DealWithTheDevil 1600-year blood curse]] and the hints that Iori is possibly the only one who can redeem his clan, Iori still manages to be a ''massive {{Jerkass}}'' while doing... practically anything, with few exceptions. There is also [[spoiler:Ash, an odd variation in that he starts out acting like a grade-A jerkass, but when the act drops and his backstory is fully revealed (in ''XIII''), he then earns ''major'' Woobie points.]]
** [[spoiler:Yashiro in the New Face Team's ending. He kills Chris and Shermie to power up Orochi, but then he cradles the fatally injured Shermie in his arms to comfort her as she she bleeds to death -- and when she's gone, he offs himself.]]
%%* MagnificentBastard:
%%** Rugal.
%%** Goenitz.
%%** Geese.
%%** Igniz.
%%** Ron.
%%** Ash, though he's actually a GuileHero with a massive JerkassFacade.
* MemeticBadass:
** Depending on the community, Terry, Ralf, Yamazaki, Shen Woo, and Gai Tendo.
** The boss characters, who are so badass that they collectively are the {{Trope Namer|s}} for SNKBoss.
* MemeticMutation:
** [[FountainOfMemes Pretty much anything Terry says.]]
** Rugal's Dead End Screamer/[[FanNickname Rugalspin]]. Driven into the ground by ''M.U.G.E.N.''
** Iori's ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_q3fip9U0I laugh.]]''
** There was a small trend of [[http://portadasface.com/thumbs/yao_ming-t2.jpg plastering Yao Ming's head]] onto Goro's artwork in ''XIII'' shortly after the game's announcement.
** ''KOF XI'' Robert: [[DanceBattler Fear the]] [[FanNickname Almighty Stance!]]
** Kim:
*** His [[BadassCreed declaration to evildoers]]: [[DetectEvil Aku]] [[GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger wa]] [[ThisIsUnforgivable yurusan!]] '''[[LetsGetDangerous HA!]]'''
*** His [[EternallyPearlyWhiteTeeth impossibly bright teeth]], given the flood of mock-toothpaste advertisements in forums and on Website/YouTube comment boards. Colgate EX Kim! Brush your teeth with '''JUSTICE!'''
*** '''[[JusticeWillPrevail JUSTICE!]]''
** "Koko desu ka?" The sound of Goenitz murdering you with his Yonokaze. ''Repeatedly.''
** In Japan, there's a small fad of Maxima performing his Mongolian Chop [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUk9M2b2UyU ad]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9suKw-WB8R0 naseum]], usually [[http://dic.nicovideo.jp/v/sm613955 in sync]] [[http://dic.nicovideo.jp/v/sm2465155 to music.]] This has led to Website/NicoNicoDouga [[FanNickname calling him]] "Mongolia," which is popular enough to the point that the Japanese ''MUGEN'' fandom [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname almost always refers to him]] [[http://www30.atwiki.jp/niconicomugen/pages/138.html by this pseudonym.]]
** Orochi's cry when he gets [=KOed=] (even though it's technically meant to be Mizuchi since the original Orochi himself said nothing): [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itmN-RTPrT8 ARIEN!]] This has been used in several Orochi edits in MUGEN regardless of whether he's knocked out (or if said edit can even be defeated).
** Leona supposedly shouting "[[{{Mondegreen}} APPLE JUICE!]]" during one of her throws has become memetic enough that [[AscendedMeme she actually says it]] in the ''KOF XIV''.
** Athena's new [[LimitBreak Climax move]] in ''KOF XIV'' has led to some fans calling her "[[Anime/DragonBallZ Frieza's]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_YASzvGohQ final form]]". [[https://twitter.com/D3Vlicious/status/770586445446643712 It's all fun and games until Athena destroys planet Vegita all over again.]]
** Gang-il's physical appearance, especially in the face, bears an eerie resemblance to [[Creator/TheKingOfHate DarkSydePhil.]] This has not gone unnoticed.
** Nakoruru's pet falcon Mamahaha has been dubbed "[[LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemon Bird Jesus]]" by some players due to its near GameBreaker status.
** Rock's new pose before activating Neo Deadly Rave has caused him to be dubbed a [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Joestar.]]
* MisBlamed:
** It would seem that Nona is getting flak for the most recent entries in the series, due to their [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks new art designs]]. While he ''was'' the art director for ''XII'' (and draws for the pre-fight exchanges in ''XIII''), it's actually Eisuke Ogura, the artist for ''VideoGame/NeoGeoBattleColiseum'', who handled the artwork. For some odd reason, Nona is also being blamed from the ''story developments'', an area that he has minimal influence in at best.
** People have whined against fellow artist Falcoon for his work in ''Maximum Impact''. While he ''is'' the artist in charge, it doesn't mean he handles '''all''' the decisions in regards to the artwork, and he didn't certainly have ALL the shots in regards to the ''character roster and story''.
* {{Moe}}: Athena (more so starting in ''XII''), Hinako, Kula, Momoko, Hotaru. Leona ''might'' count, but this overlaps with her status as TheWoobie. ''XIV'' ups the ante by bringing in SNK's (or Japan's) champion {{Moe}} character, [[VideoGame/SamuraiShodown Nakoruru]], along with some legit {{Moe}} characters like Mui Mui and Sylvie... though the last one is [[CuteAndPsycho a psychotic Moe.]] And although she's just on the way of doing so, Mian's ShrinkingViolet personality might push her into this territory. Meitenkun is a male example, being a [[SleepyHead sleepy]] androgynous young boy, his voice helps.
* MoralEventHorizon:
** Rugal crosses it several times:
*** A ''KOF '94'' [[AudioAdaptation drama CD]] has him killing his servants for making minor goofs and not being "perfect". That same action is repeated in Tatsuya Shinjyouji's ''KOF '94'' manga, where in the second volume he bloodily murders a barely teenaged maid for merely bringing him the wrong wine for dinner. As he slowly approaches the poor little girl, you see him walking and [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything looming over the poor girl as she begs him to not hurt her...]] and then [[GoryDiscretionShot "SPLAT."]]
*** In the third volume of the same manga, Rugal orders one of his subordinates to [[IHaveYourWife kidnap Kyo's girlfriend Yuki]] and lock her in a room with a time bomb only to force Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon fight the Women Team in the streets of Osaka, in a sort of DeadlyGame where instead of fighting to the death, they fought to rescue poor Yuki. [[spoiler: Thank God the bomb was fake and Yuki was rescued in the nick of time.]] Rugal didn't even really ''need'' to have them fight that way, and did just to {{troll}} Kyo and co. ForTheEvulz.
*** And then, there's the wicked pleasure he took on having Saisyu Kusanagi tortured within an inch of his life and then BrainwashedAndCrazy to make him [[TheDragon his servant]] in ''[='95=]''. Double when you play with the Japan Team and he ''gloats'' about it in front of Saisyu's son Kyo, who understandably ends up screaming "ThisIsUnforgivable!"
*** There's also his mauling of Heidern's family and mercenary unit (mind you, this was ''single-handed'' and that Heidern's unit was ''fifty men strong''). Apparently done for no other reason than to provoke and slight Heidern. It was also featured in Shinjyouji's manga, with an added bonus: Clara and Sandra were killed ''while trying to protect the badly injured and now eye-less Heidern''.
** Goenitz, in response to Gaidel turning down his offer to join him in the attempt to resurrect their master Orochi, awakened Leona's Orochi blood for the first time when she was still a child, causing her to destroy her whole village and kill every inhabitant, her own family included.
*** Also, he has several in Ryo Takamisaki's ''KOF: G''. First, he [[spoiler:gives Mai Shiranui a cruel BreakingLecture when [[HeroicBSOD she's at a very low point]], [[MoreThanMindControl which causes her]] to go UnstoppableRage on Kyo and Athena]]. Second, he [[spoiler: wreaks havoc in the finals, and we get to ''see'' the people collapse and almost surely die when his power rises and destroys everything, with the side-effect of making Benimaru [[MoreThanMindControl snap completely on Kyo]] and sending other fighters into BrainwashedAndCrazy states]]. Third, [[spoiler: he almost beats both Kensou ''and'' Chizuru to death, and shows up bragging about it while ''lifting the badly beaten Chizuru by her head''.]] And fourth, [[spoiler:remember what he did to Leona in her past? In this version, he ''does this again'', making her go into the Riot of the Blood ''with words alone'' so she'll kill everyone for him, with only Clark and Ralf's timely intervention keeping her from doing so.]]
*** His [[spoiler:murder of Maki Kagura in front of her twin sister Chizuru]] is already bad, but in the ''KOF: KYO'' manga it's even worse because, in that particular continuity, [[spoiler:''[[WouldHitAGirl Chizuru and Maki]] [[WouldHurtAChild were little girls under the age of ten]] and he was [[TeensAreMonsters barely a teenager]]''.]]
** [[spoiler:Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, and Chris]]: [[spoiler: Revealing themselves as members of the Orochi Clan and becoming the sub-bosses.]] In the Sacred Team's pre-fight talk, add [[spoiler:revealing that they plan to use Yuki as a HumanSacrifice, and mocking her boyfriend Kyo's anger and concern.]] The last one is worse in the ''KOF: KYO'' manga, as in the original ''[='97=]'' game they [[spoiler:still have not gone searching for her]], but here it's done [[spoiler: ''in front of a restrained Yuki, who has already spent at least two days as their hostage''.]]
** Igniz: Upon [[AGodAmI deeming himself a god]], and choosing to use NESTS clones for [[EvilutionaryBiologist his own goals]], all while [[ManipulativeBastard playing on]] all other NESTS members' [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans utopian]] ([[WellIntentionedExtremist or at least utilitarian]]) [[ForScience ideals]] and then having (and/or setting up) even the NESTS organization's most faithful servants ([[AntiVillain Krizalid]], [[MotherlyScientist Foxy, Diana]], [[EmotionlessGirl Kula Diamond]], [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots Candy]], [[NobleDemon Original Zero]], [[TragicVillain Name]][[StoicWoobie less]], and [[MoralityPet Isolde]]), to be killed off [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness for no longer being useful to him]], he has demonstrated that he is a sociopath who has absolutely no respect and value for human life, but only seeing human beings as [[Theatre/DeathOfASalesman being like oranges]] and that he can throw the peel away.
** Jivatma ordered the death of Lien's parents and family because her father would not join Addes.
** Ron, former leader of Hizoku, crossed this point when he [[WhereIWasBornAndRazed razed his own village and murdered a sizable number of his clansmen]] to offer his services to NESTS for reasons unknown. Ron was labelled as a traitor by the clan and nearly every survivor of that massacre who didn't jump ship with Ron is now hunting him down for answers and retribution.
** Saiki, already established as a massive {{Jerkass}} and a master of [[BadBoss horrendous underling treatment]] (despite Those from the Past's plans going off with only the most minor of slip-ups), has his when [[spoiler:he callously kills his most loyal and sympathetic servant, Mukai, right after he had offered to fight in his stead.]] Seeing him [[spoiler:take over Ash's body to transform him into Evil Ash and keep fighting the heroes]] is not much better.
* MorePopularSpinoff: Of both ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' and ''VideoGame/ArtOfFighting''. Even here at this very wiki, people mention some ''FF'' and ''AOF'' characters as being from ''The King of Fighters'' even when those characters, at best, only make cameos in the series.
* MostAnnoyingSound: The "OOOOOOOUUUUUUAAAAAAAAGH" sound Andy makes when you hit him. Not so prevalent in the ''Fatal Fury'' series but it cropped up quite a bit in early ''KOF'' titles. It got ridiculous in ''[='99=]'' onward where for no apparent reason they made it ''his KO cry.'' You will hear this especially in ''2002'' and ''Unlimited Match'', where he groans this practically ''every time you hit him''.
** "KOKO DESU KA? KOKO DESU KA? KOKO DESU KA? KOKO DESU KA? KOKO DESU KA?" This is the sound of Goenitz's Yonokaze murdering you.
** Some of [[CuteButCacophonic Malin's]] [[{{Kiai}} yells]] have her sounding like a strangled duck.
** ''Angel's voice'' (mostly her ''2002'' seiyuu; the ''2001'' one wasn't so grating on the ears).
** Whip's "teleport", which has her screaming "HYAAAAAH!!!" every time. The CPU loves to abuse this in ''[='99=]'' so get used to it...or try to get past her NoblewomansLaugh whenever she lands one of her other moves.
** Blue Mary's voice. High pitched and with VERY repetitive kiais. And let's not get started on her "I shall return" ko cry.
*** That naturally extends to EVERYTHING 98's announcer says.
* {{Narm}}: Now with [[Narm/TheKingOfFighters its own page.]]
* NarmCharm:
** SNK's Dodgy Engrish usually are downright HILARIOUS in otherwise serious circumstances. From the slightest misspellings to Rugal's almost babyish "I'LL BE BACK... YOU JERKS!" line from ''[='95=]''.
** Any time anyone insults anyone. Which happens often. "Absolute karate. That's Kyokugenryu. And don't forget it, [[BigStupidDoodooHead dweebenheimer]]!"
** The English dub of the ''Maximum Impact'' games.
** Terry's mangled English has become a vital part of his character. As well as Geese's. Which led to his hilariously cheesy reveal trailer at ''XIV'' (although this quote was instead taken from his ''Capcom vs SNK'' incarnation): "'''PREDICTABO!!'''"
* NeverLiveItDown: Athena. It doesn't matter how many ''KOF'' or fighting games she appears in, most older NES owners are still gonna remember her awful game on that system, which was actually a [[PortingDisaster disastrous port]] of a decent arcade game.
* NightmareFuel:
** If Magaki's highly unsettling "true form" doesn't give you nightmares, [[SNKBoss the way he fights]] will.
** Duo Lon's idle pose involves him holding his leading foot in such an extreme twisted inward angle that it suggests that his ankles are broken or at very least he can easily dislocate them at will. Considering how odd the Hizoku clan is to begin with, with a gamut of abilities ranging from necromancy to stretching their limbs at will to naturally producing poisonous substances from their bodies to dissipating into skeletons in order to disappear/reappear on a whim, it's safe to say they're more than a bit unsettling. Seeing as some of the other fighters are creeped out by Duo Lon (a NiceGuy and a shining example of DarkIsNotEvil), it's very possible the heroic members of Hizoku are full-blown Type 4 {{Terror Hero}}es firmly settled in CreepyGood territory.
** Krizalid's animations are so stiff and awkward in his second form, along with the fact that he was one of the most unforgiving SNKBoss creations at the time can come off as this. Not helping matters is that while he doesn't say or possibly do too much in his first form where he wears his coat....[[IAmNotLeftHanded you're possibly close to beyond screwed when he decided to remove his coat to reveal his suit]]; don't forget his very eerie theme in his said first form added with the stage background.
** Literally in the case of Geese. He has an alternate form called ''Nightmare Geese'' that will '''give''' you nightmares trying to fight him. In this form he's one of the cheapest {{SNK Boss}}es in existence. Subverted in ''Maximum Impact 2'' where he's balanced, but then doubly subverted in ''2002UM'', which introduces an '''''even cheaper''''' version of Nightmare Geese that you have to fight as the last Expert challenge in Challenge Mode to unlock everything.
** Taken UpToEleven with Nightmare Geese in ''XIV.'' This time, his nightmarish aspects extend to his appearance, as he actually look like he's returned from beyond the grave (despite KOF being a separate timeline from the one he dies in) with pale purple skin, [[RedEyesTakeWarning red eyes]], [[WhiteHairBlackHeart gray hair]] and tattered clothing. He now sports a VoiceOfTheLegion and ghostly [[PurpleIsTheNewBlack purple reppukens]] as well, giving him a truly otherworldly and frightening vibe.
** So you know that Verse is an amalgamation of many souls and most of them got released to the real world. One of them? [[spoiler:Mizuki Rashoujin, the dreaded priestess of Ambrosia that ruined the world so badly that Nakoruru needed to sacrifice her life just to undo her damage. Imagine Mizuki raising hell in the modern day just as she escaped from Verse's body and she may be more savvy now with her experience in the past with Nakoruru. And unlike Orochi, Ambrosia is completely malicious that this could be the most threatening foe that Kyo (or Shun'ei) may ever have to face one day...]]
* OlderThanTheyThink: Jhun's Zankou Haki Geki HSDM in ''2002 Unlimited Match'' actually first appeared as his [=MAX2=] in the lesser known ''Neowave'', the sort of alternate ''2002'' where Jhun was playable.
* PolishedPort:
** The upcoming UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} release of ''The King of Fighters XIII'' will apparently have better netcode than the console releases.
** The Dreamcast versions of ''[='98=]'' and ''[='99=]'', ''Dream Match 1999'' and ''[='99=] Evolution'' respectively, feature smoothed sprites, 3D backdrops, and arranged music. ''[='99=] Evolution'' also included some extra Striker characters that could be unlocked (including the first appearances of Vanessa and Seth, who would become full characters in ''2000'').
* PortingDisaster: Not an extreme case, but ''KOF: The Orochi Saga'' was marred by ''in-game'' loading, which wasn't present in the arcade versions. The same issue occurred for ''VideoGame/MetalSlug Anthology'' for [=PS2=], and both compilations were made by Terminal Reality.
* RelationshipWritingFumble: Kyo and Chizuru are acquaintances, if not good friends (with Chizuru as a CoolBigSis figure that Kyo can't deny a lot to, if ''Sky Stage'' is to be believed), and have close roles in guarding the Seal of Orochi. When Kyo became majorly pissed at Ash for stealing Chizuru's powers in ''2003'' ([[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything and pretty much violating the poor woman while doing so]]), some fans were led to believe that Kyo has beyond brother-sister-friends feelings for her. It doesn't help that Kyo's intro with Ash in ''XI'' [[{{Revenge}} has him screaming "YOU BASTARD!" at the top of his lungs]]. Apparently, these fans have forgotten that [[OfficialCouple Kyo has Yuki]] (To be fair, it's not like [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome poor Yuki]] has been seen around in ''years'') or the fact Iori similarly cares for her (as shown in XIII). WordOfGod also jokes on the Anniversary website that Chizuru must have envisioned Kyo eternally as a schoolboy (i.e. from the time they teamed up during the Orochi Saga) when creating [[ShadowArchetype Kusanagi]]. And then in ''Sky Stage'' Kyo claims to Terry that [[TeamMom Chizuru]] is almost babying him and the other fighters. Cue fans claiming she's in some type of a LovingAShadow relationship with Kyo.
** Then there is the misteryous relationship between K Dash and Kula Diamond. Unlike the protagonists from the Orochi arc, these two barely interact in the NESTS arc. However, in some artwork by Hiroaki the two appear to get really close, to the point there was a suggestic theme for the ''XIV'' where the two are removing their clothes. There is also a novel where the two hug but in the Maximum Impact series, Maxima suggest Kula to call K Dash "uncle" despite their close age. Lastly, if in ''XIII'' K Dash and Kula fight, the former expresses regret in having come to do this, which comes as a surprise considering his bad mood.
* ReplacementScrappy:
** While K' managed to avoid this during NESTS (although in the very beginning he had his haters), Ash Crimson got the full brunt of hatred from fans (of the west, at least), especially when he started actively upstaging Kyo by beating Riot of the Blood Iori. His flamboyant appearance doesn't help, either. Thankfully, XIV's new protagonist Shun'ei managed to avert this: While he wasn't that greatly received, at least he did not generate the massive hate Ash got.
** May Lee was once seen as this due to replacing Jhun in ''2001'' and then replacing longtime regular King in ''2002'' and taking her spot on the Women Fighters Team alongside fellow vets Yuri and Mai. [[AmericansHateTingle The Japanese essentially screamed]], '''[[MemeticMutation "I RAGED. HARD"]]''' over the latter to the point that not even adding King ''back'' in the home ports could undo the damage. Adding fuel to the fire is that back in those days, due to SNK's takeover by the Korean company Eolith, said company demanded a 'female Korean' to be promoted, and this created May Lee, prompting some to see her as CreatorsPet. Most of this scorn has passed over since and May Lee is seen as an EnsembleDarkHorse elsewhere, compounded with how jokes about her going missing will cross into DudeNotFunny due to [[AuthorExistenceFailure the passing of]] [[Creator/TomokoKawakami her only voice actress.]]
** Momoko is sometimes considered as such. To '''Bao''' of all people. Frequently cited reasons are [[MostAnnoyingSound her voice]], ButtonMashing, and the fact that she was based off of discharged designs of Bao.
* TheScrappy:
** Bao. Added to the Psycho Soldiers team in ''[='99=]''. Too annoying to fight as, overpowered (at least his first incarnation) to fight against; stealing Kensou's powers. The strangest thing about this? '''He was conceptualized as beginner friendly.''' How they could screw that up so much is a mystery.
** SNK Playmore sees K9999 as this due to the [[CaptainErsatz blatantness of his tribute to]] [[Manga/{{Akira}} Tetsuo Shima]], which eventually led to his [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute replacement by Nameless]]. He does have actual fans, though - some of them would even say that they like him ''because'' of the Tetsuo similarity.
* SelfFanservice: [[AmazonianBeauty Muscle fetishists]] tend to fawn over a sizable portion of the female cast (namely the adult ones). They're particularly fond of Leona for some reason, but the list of likely runner-ups for fan artists includes (but certainly is not limited to) Mai, Blue Mary, Athena, Vice, Shermie, Vanessa, Angel, and even ''Kula''.
* {{Sequelitis}}: ''2001'', due to the game being handled by a different team, and KOF XII, due to being an ObviousBeta.
* ShipMates:
** Ryo/King and Robert/Yuri shippers get along very, very well.
** Kyo/Yuki fans tend to ship Iori with Athena, and sometimes Leona and Chizuru. If not, they'll likely go for Kensou/Athena.
* ShipsThatPassInTheNight: Iori/Leona. Likely routed in their common ailment (the Riot of the Blood), but the pair hardly seems to think much about each other, let alone anything remotely positive. The most you'll get is Iori expressing some curiosity in ''XIII'' that Leona is showing signs of being able to control her powers.
* ShipTease: Iori and Athena, believe it or not. They both like music and Iori is seen in Athena's band in ''Days of Memories''. He appears to think she is cute because he thinks she should "be at home baking cookies" instead of fighting in one of their pre-fight dialogues, and Athena is among the few who show some degree of worry for his sake. Also, their battle quotes have to do with Iori telling Athena to take care of herself, [[JerkAss in his own way]]. Finally, in the ''KOF: KYO'' manga, Iori and Athena's hearts connect when his attack accidentally hits her; he shows regret for hurting her, she takes the time to look for him, and she tells Kensou how much sorrow she could sense coming from him. Unsurprisingly, this has been followed by the mild popularity of the Iori/Athena ship.
* ShippingGoggles: '''All over the place''', {{Relationship Writing Fumble}}s or not. But let's be honest: every company in charge of ''KOF'' is very, ''very'' aware that the franchise as a whole is ''[[PeripheryDemographic EXTREMELY]]'' [[PeripheryDemographic popular among female gamers of all ages]] (from teenage girls who are new to the games, to older ladies who grew up either watching others play or played alongside the boys). With the buttloads of ShipTease, it'd be weirder to NOT have a good part of the fandom all over it.
* SoBadItsGood: The movie. In the same vein, Andy Seto manhuas. While they loosely follow the canon of the story, there's some questionable designs in the art, ranging from OnlySixFaces to YouDontLookLikeYou, or passing through wrong [[OffModel colouring]], to plain standard colouring, and rarely ([[RuleOfCool for dramatic purposes only]]), full-blown [[AwesomeArt BEAUTIFUL]] digital colouring looking almost as good as or even better than official art. On the "good" part, the fight scenes are well done and the power attacks look amazing, almost like they were ripped from ''Dragon Ball Z'' (but you wouldn't mind it because they look, well... pretty badass).
* SoOkayItsAverage: The ''[='94=]'' manga by Tatsuya Shinjyouji. On one hand, the drawing style is ''very'' simplistic and unremarkable and the ClicheStorm is undeniable. On the other, the storytelling flows in a relatively smooth manner despite the cliches and it offers some interesting background tidbits and possible interpretations--like Heidern's story ([[spoiler:Sandra and Clara died in an HeroicSacrifice to save him from Rugal]]), how the Women's Team met in this continuity ([[spoiler:Mai and Yuri become friends over being rejected as prospect members of the ''AOF'' and ''Fatal Fury'' team and then have to recruit King together]]), there's a background story in regards to the stages used by the Korea Team (Kyo, Daimon and Benimaru walked into Kim's capture of Chang and Choi, Kim recognized Kyo and immediately challenged him and his group to a fight right there) and the Japan Team (they and the Women Team improvised a stage in the streets of Osaka since Kyo and his friends were caught in a cruel DeadlyGame/HostageSituation with his girlfriend Yuki's life at stake), etc.
%%* StoicWoobie:
%%** Heidern.
%%** Adult Leona.
%%** K'.
%%** Nameless.
%%** Clark (once you learn where his [[TragicKeepsake dogtags]] come from).
%%** Elisabeth.
* SurprisinglyImprovedSequel:
** ''2002'' is seen as this to ''2001'' for some. Although others hold the game in the same regard to ''2001'' given Eolith's involvement, it's popularity rivals the first Dream Match game in certain regions. Returning it to the traditional 3-on-3 system without strikers, new mechanics, and seeing the return of several old favorites probably helped.
** ''XIII'' is this to ''XII''. It added a lot more characters, including those that were inexplicably missing before, more modes, closed the Tales of Ash saga, and made the fighting more fun overall.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSong:
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ovCp9HXn-o "Jungle Bouncer,"]] the theme of the ''Ikari'' Team in both ''[='94=]'' and ''2002'' sounds very similar to Music/FaithNoMore's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upWUuByQLxQ "Surprise, You're Dead!"]]
** Igniz has two of them. His ''2001'' theme, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzFIg7zmrAs "Kare koso Saikyo" ("He Is The Strongest!"),]] [[BossRemix is a faster, rock-heavy version of]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OivRHzXUm2A Original Zero's theme.]] His new theme in ''2002UM'', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy16dCouwc8 "Save The Universe,"]] sounds like [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6cfOUgt0h4 "Save A Future,"]] Mildred Avalon's theme from ''VideoGame/ArcanaHeart''.
** The Korea Team's theme in ''2000'', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Lrlut8oXZ0 "Wild Party,"]] has a few riffs indicative of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRbPWcLode0 "Crazy Train"]] by "The Prince of Darkness" himself, Music/OzzyOsbourne. In particular, compare the beginning of both songs.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYiKaT5IlB4 Apparently,]] the OST version of "Still Green," Shingo's theme in ''[='97=]'', sounds like a tune from ''VideoGame/AwesomePossum''.
** Inverted with Iori's ImageSong "Kaze no Allegory," which sounds like [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcJwz7wu8_s "Tribute"]] by Music/TenaciousD, but came before it.
** The K' team's theme song in ''XI'' - [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bE4eMrerBI KDD-0075]] - has similar instruments and notes to Videogame/{{Touhou}}'s [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3C-VevI36s Bad Apple]].
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvqOGxG1X7Y Cutting Edge]], Krizalid's theme from ''KOF 2002 UM'', has some resemblance to [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT_eQEuPscE the theme from]] ''WesternAnimation/RocketPower''.
* TaintedByThePreview: It did not take long at all for the reaction to ''XIV''[='s=] first trailer to garner this response. Though this has died down a bit after more trailers were released.
* TearJerker: If you know how ''XIII'' ends, you know why this phrase (an except of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pippa_Passes a Robert Browning poem]]) stings:
-->''[[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion God's in his heaven, all's right with the world!]]''
* ThatOneAttack:
** Heidern's neck roller in ''2002 UM''. It's unblockable and has a deceptive hitbox.
** Rugal's Genocide Cutter ''will'' beat your ass if you don't prepare accordingly. When you couple all of this with his already impressive arsenal...
** Goenitz's Yonokaze technique. Dude will [[{{Whoring}} use it for all it's worth]]. ''Nonstop''. '''KOKO DESU KA?'''
** [[LightEmUp Marukare]] is probably the first thing to come to mind when one thinks of Orochi, although his Harue special (the projectile-esque attack that can't be nullified by ''anything'') is pretty bad too. Just be thankful that they didn't have him spam his Honosu Sori like Goenitz's Yonokaze.
** Krizalid, who could be considered NESTS' equivalent to Rugal in several aspects, has Typhoon Rage, as noted in GameBreaker above. Better get to writing your will while he's juggling you to death.
** Igniz' whip attack, which can juggle infinitely when the AI feels like it. You can even play as Igniz in ''2002 UM'' with the move completely intact in terms of cheapness and comboability.
%%* ThatOneBoss: Rugal in every ''KOF'' except ''[='98=]''.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot:
** Despite being toted as [[WordOfGod "the other protagonist"]] of "The Tales of Ash" saga, Adel Bernstein ({{noble|Demon}} son of Rugal) plays ''no'' role in the climax. Hell, he's not even ''present'' in ''XIII''. Only [[NeutralFemale his sister Rose]] appears. Subverted by the console version, which shows Adel working behind the scenes [[spoiler:to help the Ikari Warriors in their investigation of Those from the Past]]. He's still not playable, despite concept art indicating that he was considered for the roster.
** This is a general consensus about the revelation that Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 were two of thousands of Kyo clones created by NESTS when it was LeftHanging immediately afterwards.
** The OutOfFocus status of the ''Fatal Fury'' and ''Art of Fighting'' cast (and to a lesser extent some of the characters from the earlier ''KOF'' games); they are either DemotedToExtra, become TheArtifact, or are a case of ChuckCunninghamSyndrome. SNK seems to be downplaying the fact that the ''KOF'' series is supposedly a big crossover of various SNK series and is focusing more on the characters that are more made for this series instead. However, SNK Playmore is showing some signs in trying to rectify this with ''XIII'' as they are starting to flesh out the older characters more.\\\
That being said, more [[UnexpectedCharacter unorthodox]] decisions for who gets to [[TheBusCameBack ride the bus back to]] ''KOF'' [[BrokenBase can cause a schism in the fanbase]]. Hwa Jai is perhaps most notorious for this; older fans were glad to see him after some two decades, whereas many others felt he was undeserving of returning to the ring, which was not helped by him playing [[MovesetClone in a similar fashion to Joe]] (even if it was mainly from an aesthetic standpoint) and suddenly coming across as somewhat AxCrazy, as if he were channeling the more popular Yamazaki. A similar case could be made for Hwa's teammate Raiden, as opposed to, say, Tizoc.
* TierInducedScrappy:
** Choi Bounge. He wasn't the most popular character ([[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff outside of Korea, of course]]) to begin with, but after his appearance in ''2002'', he became flat out despised.
** There is a respectable number of people who have come to despise Kula after ''KOF XI''.
** K' is seen as such in ''XIII'', right next to Raiden. The best teams have both as staple members with a rotating third. While revisions for the console version have knocked down Raiden a peg or two (mainly due to lengthening the charge time for his dropkick, a staple part of Raiden's lockdown and pressure game), fans are divided on whether the changes to K' have really made him less of a threat, as some have actually served to ''improve'' his ability to string together hits in a combo.
* UncannyValley: Sprites before ''XIII'' had Kula resembling a human-sized doll with [[CartoonyEyes bug eyes]].
* UnexpectedCharacter:
** Seeing at it was the old SNK's last hurrah, ''2000'' featured a massive overload of [[TheCameo cameos]] from most of their older titles. The Maniac Strikers in the console versions continue the trend.
** It happened again with ''XI'', which added the likes of Gai Tendo and Silber from ''Buriki One'' and Sho Hayate and Jyazu from ''[[VideoGame/FuunSeries Savage Reign/Kizuna Encounter]]'' as {{Secret Character}}s.
** Raiden in ''XII'' and Hwa Jai in ''XIII'', two characters from the original ''Fatal Fury'' that players never expected to see again. ''Ever''. Bonus points for teaming up with Kim.
** ''XIV'' brought with it not only Nakoruru from ''SamuraiShodown'', but also a Mui Mui and Love Heart, characters from a couple of obscure Japan only pachinko games as part the "Another World Team". The fact that they're appearing in a non-DreamMatchGame opens the door to more of these as well.
* ViewerGenderConfusion:
** Unless you played the games, Benimaru from a visual standpoint.
** Sometimes players refer to Chris as a girl. It doesn't help that he has a GenderBlenderName. It was revealed that Chris is actually an AdorablyPrecociousChild (outside of [[SlasherSmile Orochi mode]], at least).
** [[AdorablyPrecociousChild Bao.]] A Japanese magazine had to place the male symbol character along with his name when introducing him; and probably also to explain his special intro with sexy female characters. It didn't help that one of his Spanish quotes for ''KOF '99'' was [[BlindIdiotTranslation worded as if he were a girl]].
** [[DudeLooksLikeALady Ash Crimson, Shion, the list goes on...]]
%%* VillainDecay: Duke in ''Maximum Impact 2''.
* WhatAnIdiot:
** It's already strongly implied that Eiji was on the receiving end of a Yagami beatdown at the end of ''[='95=]'', but his ''XI'' backstory states that he also challenged the ''entire'' [[BadassFamily Kyokugen]] [[BadassCrew Team]] after the tournament. If the latter happened immediately after the former, we all may need to reconsider Eiji's status as a threat. ''Maybe''.
** [[spoiler:Saiki]] gets this in ''XIII'', due to a big case of a VillainBall. Sure, [[spoiler:one of your strongest minions who has nothing but loyalty for you offers to fight in your stead, which would really help if you needed to duck into the door to the past in a hurry]]... and your response is [[spoiler:to kill him for no reason other than that he spoke up to you.]] Yeah, that's REALLY going to help. Especially when you follow it with [[spoiler:taking over the body of your own descendant '''despite knowing clearly that he is NOT to be trusted'''.]]
* WhatMeasureIsANonBadass: The ''other'' reason Yuki was hated. Since she was a mix of BarrierMaiden and OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who didn't fight, fans of other female characters thought she was stupid, useless, weak, and [[DieForOurShip stole Kyo from "more deserving" strong females]] (and/or [[HoYay other males]]). [[SarcasmMode Of course that's because a woman's fighting skills and physical strength determines whether she "deserves" a love interest or not]] (because it's a fighting game, you see), and if she's a strong female character her success in life won't be complete unless she gets the boyfriend that the fangirls want for her.
* WheelchairWoobie:
** [[IllGirl Kaoru]] started out as such, but her interactions with the Psycho Soldier Team managed to improve both her health and disposition
** [[spoiler:Chizuru]] is seen briefly as one, more exactly in the Story Mode of ''XIII''.
* WinBackTheCrowd: ''XIII'' is this by virtue of completing the ObviousBeta that was ''XII'' (although the Russia stage from ''XII'' is mysteriously absent). Mai and K' are back as well as a true SNKBoss. You'll find every known character that was planned for inclusion in ''XII'' in ''XIII'' as well.
%%* TheWoobie:
%%** Kula (''especially'' with [[spoiler:Candy's heartbreaking "death"]]).
%%** Chizuru.
%%** Young Leona.
%%** Hotaru.
%%** Krizalid.
%%** Nameless.
%%** Xiao Lon.
%%** [[spoiler:Elisabeth]].
* WTHCostumingDepartment: General consensus regarding Shun'ei's outfit is that it looks rather overdone and screams "chuunibyou protagonist" all over, what with the half-rolled pants leg, CoatCape and headphones. Sylvie gets it even worse, with some deriding her just because of her very flamboyant J-Pop styled outfit.