YMMV / The Kalevala

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The snakes buried in the mountain - drinking beer. This made Väinämöinen so angry that he forbade snakes to drink beer for all eternity.
  • Crowning Metre Of Awesome: The Kalevala's octosyllables are splendid.
    • One more wrinkle about the rhythm: the oral tradition that Lönnrot was drawing from, the last two syllables of each line are sung for about twice as as long as the others. The effect — which Sibelius preserves in his crowningly awesome Kullervo — is quite markedly different from the Longfellow version.
  • Iron Woobie: Kullervo, whom the rage almost drives into Omnicidal Maniac.
  • Values Dissonance: Some might say Joukahainen using his sister to ransom his life with from Väinämöinen makes him rather a Dirty Coward and that Väinämöinen accepting it makes him a Stalker With a Crush.
    • Elias Lönnrot probably secretly thought so, too, making it something like Deliberate Values Dissonance.
      • Maybe not just Lönnrot: it's possible that it was meant that way from the start and was the whole point of the story. It is portrayed as quite a nasty situation from Aino's point of view: the cowardly brother selling her out, the mother happily complying in hopes of a powerful son-in-law, and the old and lecherous husband-to-be.
    • Yes, but that's okay, because she preserves her virginity and honor by drowning herself.