YMMV: The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred

  • Brain Bleach: Ever wonder why Azrael shows no interest in women, or men, for that matter? He was castrated for medical reasons, possibly early onset testicular cancer. Remember, once you read that spoiler, you can never unread it. You have been warned.
  • Foe Yay - Wiglaf and Azrael, at least in Mordred's mind. First spotted in the Orb of Bliss arc when he 'maybe he thinks you're cute' when Azrael turned up also looking for the orb. Most recently he teased Wiglaf that Azrael was his 'boy toy' when he said that they might need Azrael's help.
  • Mary Sue - Wiglaf, although this is subverted on him. Rather than having every character like him for being perfect at everything, that does the opposite, it drives them away(being perfect, good at everything, having everyone like them are traits of a sue). His sueishness is constantly being made fun of and poked at-being perfect, picking up skills insanely fast the piano concert arc super strength...and so forth.
  • Purity Sue - Semi-subverted with Wiglaf. Despite being a world-renowned hero that's basically perfect at everything he can't keep a friend (eventually forcing Mordred to be his friend, the basic premise behind the comic) and is prone to violence when the opportunity arises. Also, it is somewhat implied that being so perfect at everything is the reason he can't keep friends, as who wants to be friends with someone who outclasses you at everything?
  • Ship Tease
    • Probably the first instance was here with Wiglaf's last line which is even funnier when you realize what he actually said. He said 'Forgive me dearest/sweetheart And then let's not forget this infamous scene.
    • While it's Wiglaf taunting Driver, the last word bubble on this page is bound to get the fans going.
    • And Herschall taunting Wiglaf here about Mordred. And even before that, just the way he spoke to him.