YMMV / Terror Island

  • Ass Pull: Played for laughs with Bartleby, Sid and Stephen's other roommate "who only exists every hundredth strip" and always inexplicably solves the current problem whenever he shows up.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • Lots. For instance, one strip has Sid attempt to use a hypno-kit to hypnotize Stephen into buying groceries. Stephen then suggests that it might actually be a "shopping disk" disguised as a hypno-kit that forces anyone who uses it to go grocery shopping. Sid replies that that's probably not even a real thing, but Stephen counters that "grocery shopping has infinite negative utility for us", and Sid cries "Curse you and Pascal both!"
    • Aorist got a fake review of Jame's restaurant published in "Fake Review Magazine" after the fake grand opening. He gave it 5i stars. They were originally going to give it 5i+2, but that would have been too complex.
    • Liln goes to Sid and Stephen's costume party dressed as Parmenides.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Wait, First Folio's a girl?!