YMMV / Television Without Pity

  • Development Hell: Tribune announced plans to revive the site in 2017, but then they scrapped a whole bunch of staff and it didn't happen.
  • Funny Moments: Shack, who recapped Firefly, got to the part in "Objects In Space" where Simon wakes up and fights Early, and proceeded to throw the adjective "shirtlessly" into every line possible until Simon actually put a shirt on.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • This rant becomes funny when Davis, host of Doomsday, falls for Chloe instead:
    "First Zod falls in love with Lana, now Bizarro? Is Brainiac next? Hey, I have an awesome idea, Al and Miles. Let's introduce Doomsday, but instead of being evil, he falls in love with Lana! I'm a fucking genius! I just wrote Season 8!"
    • Similarly, Sara M. of the House recaps makes a sarcastic prediction for the finale which actually applies freakishly well to the real finale.
    • A Gilmore Girls recap contained a reference to an "Unamed Jared Padalecki Project" (Supernatural, natch) and predicted it would be canceled quickly. Nine seasons later...
    • Early Charmed recapper Owen made a snarky joke in a season 2 recap about the backstage rivalry between the main actresses, suggesting that Rose McGowan could play a long-lost fourth sister if one of them ever needed to be killed off. By the end of Season 3, tensions had gotten bad enough that Shannen Doherty was fired, and replaced with...Rose McGowan. Made it into the site's FAQ page for Charmed, with the acknowledgement that it was almost spookily accurate.
    • Another Charmed one: before The Reveal, Demian knew for a fact that Chris was going to be Piper's son, from the future. Well, he wasn't entirely wrong... He was her second son from the future instead.
    • In a Season 4 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, recapper Sep expressed disappointment that Buffy and Spike couldn't actually get together, as their actors had infinitely more chemistry than Buffy and then-love-interest Riley. Two years later, when Buffy and Spike did get together, the recapping team hated the relationship, and Sep jokingly acknowledged in a later recap that she was entirely to blame for the entire mess and offered to jam stakes into her eyes in penance.
  • Ho Yay: The Trope Namer. If two male characters appeared onscreen together, someone at TWoP would see sexual tension between them.
  • Seasonal Rot: There's a school of former readers who felt that this happened to TWoP after being sold to NBC (who runs it under the Bravo brand name), causing the site to quickly lose its teeth.