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YMMV / Supernatural S 09 E 20 Bloodlines

  • Bizarro Episode: The Winchesters have never so much as mentioned Chicago again despite the fact that this episode introduced the idea that Chicago is teeming with powerful monsters. Considering that the Winchesters spent all of season 7 trying to rid the entire U.S. of Leviathans, it seems odd that they wouldn't take a second crack at cleaning up Chicago.
  • Cliché Storm: The episode was mostly critically panned by the fandom. Having another disaposable woman Stuffed into the Fridge, Star-Crossed Lovers, a psycho brother that only serves as a Red Herring and a mystery surrounding the hero's father don't help.
    • The general complaint surrounding the episode was that most critics felt that the episode was just recycling the concept of Season 1 with the main protagonist was driven by the murder of his girlfriend then the plot involving his missing father. The fact that the character was too bland to even carry the whole episode by himself didn't help either.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Concept wise the potential is there and could have been better with a little polishing. Also it would have been better if it weren't in the same universe as Supernatural as the episode opened alot of plot-holes.