YMMV: Superman: Earth One

  • Base Breaker: Clark Kent.
    • Also endemic to the story itself, thanks to the Broken Base currently being experienced by the fandom. Clark's divisiveness is tied into the fan conflict over how "human" Superman should be, how sincere the Clark Kent identity is, his place as The Ace, and of course, accusations that he has to be dragged into saving the day instead of just being The Cape. Other issues between fans center around the change in the cause for Krypton's destruction (some hate the idea of it having an intergalactic conspiracy behind it as a Myth Arc), the occasional speechifying by characters, and from the fact that JMS is seen as a Scrappy Creator by several superfans (being the contested-author of Spiderman's One More Day, and his abandoned runs on Superman with the Grounded story-arc and Wonder Woman reboot.)
    • For fun, go to an online forum and argue about this comic being better or worse than Man of Steel or The New 52 Superman.
  • Complete Monster: General Zod is already a huge bastard, but his Earth One incarnation takes his villainy Up to Eleven. He started a violent coup to take over Krypton, and when the coup failed, he went to planet Dheron and offered them Kryptonian technology to help them in their own war against Krypton. All because if he couldn't conquer Krypton, he would destroy it. He makes it his sole ambition to destroy every single Kryptonian left. When he arrives on Earth, he takes advantage of the world leaders' distrust of Superman and cuts a deal with them: every single military and police force on Earth will look the other way while he kills Superman. What makes his actions even worse? Superman is Zod's own nephew!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: If the reviews are anything to go by, it's Jim Olsen.
  • Iron Woobie: Superman himself, considering the amount of things he has to endure in order to save the world.