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YMMV: Sun Kil Moon
  • Broken Base: The divide between Red House Painters fans and Sun Kil Moon fans is one in itself, but basically every album the band has made with the exception of Ghosts Of The Great Highway has split the fans. And even that album had it's detractors in the form of RHP fans who preferred the older, darker, sound.
    • ''Tiny Cities'' polarized the fanbase between those who admired Kozelek's attempts at reinterpreting such tricky songs, and those who believed that it was a waste of time and that he should focus on composing his own music.
    • While generally very well received, April is also fairly divisive. Some fans believe that Kozelek's decision to head towards a darker, folksier direction was a good one, and that the album is the single best thing Kozelek has produced. However a small minority, proclaim it to be meandering, and wish Kozelek didn't cut down on the Neil Young inspired guitar soloing found on his previous three albums.
    • Admiral Fell Promises split fans into two camps. The first camp believes that Kozelek was foolish to record the album solo and not use a backing band, whilst the latter believes that the compositions are strong enough to be solo pieces, and that Kozelek's guitar playing is good enough to compensate for the lack of a backing band.
    • And perhaps the largest one of all occurred with the release of Among The Leaves. Half the fans seem to view the record as a huge disappointment, and criticize Kozelek for being self indulgent on the record, and for once again, not using a backing band. The other half, however, view the record as a very good one that does an excellent job showcasing Kozelek's sense of humor.
    • Benji is proving to be just as divisive as Among The Leaves. It's fans love the record due to how it's lyrics divulge a number of personal facts about Kozelek's life. In contrast, it's detractors view it as a lazily written album that has been overhyped by critics.
  • Face of the Band: Kozelek
  • Magnum Opus: April to the point where most people think there's no Mark Kozelek-related album that so much as even comes close in quality.
    • An equal number of fans think that their debut album Ghosts of The Great Highway qualifies as this, and see it as the culmination of the artistic evolution that Kozelek began with Ocean Beach.
  • Tear Jerker: The majority of April basically qualifies for this.
  • Vindicated by History: When ''Admiral Fell Promises" was released in 2010, a number of fans were displeased with the fact that Kozelek opted to record an album without any accompaniment. Nowadays, however, a number of fans venerate it as one of the stronger albums of Mark Kozelek's career.

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