YMMV / Star Wreck

  • Better on DVD - The In the Pirkinning DVD and Star Wreck Legacy both have tons of extras. The ship designs were redone for the Imperial Edition to avoid breaching any copyrights, and the composer of In the Pirkinning, Tapani Siirtola, made new music for the original shorts.
  • Ho Yay - The Wrath of Romuclans:
    (Spook exits, awkward silence)
    Fukov: It's just the two of us now.
    Pirk: Keep your hands off me. I got my hand twinkler ready.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome - Considering the budget of the film, it's frankly amazing how the CGI looks.
    • Then again considering the production did take 7 years, a good few years of it rendering the CGI.. Still, for a shoestring budget and a tiny cluster of donated market grade PC's, the results give even huge studios a run for their money.
  • Woolseyism - Many jokes are untranslatable, and the film crew worked hard to create a sub translation that would keep the spirit of the films and still be funny.