YMMV / Star Wars: Knight Errant

  • Complete Monster: Lord Odion, born as the heir of the mighty Sith Calimondra family, had an unusual affliction where the existence of others caused him physical anguish. Finding a Sith solution, Odion found joy in the murder of others to the point where the murder of sentient beings became a high to him. Having learned to twist the minds of others, Odion found joy in forcing helpless captives to attack carnivorous monsters and restored their minds to savor their agony when they were devoured. Leading countless campaigns that claimed the lives of innocents in his battle with his hated younger brother Daiman, Odion found a solution to the problem of existence: an ancient Sith helmet, an artifact that would initiate homicidal and suicidal insanity in living things. To power it up for its task, Odion had imprisoned every child in his realm to deprive them of hope and used their terror and anguish to power his helm, being but moments away from ending all life before being stopped. Odion's final goal was to exterminate all life and rule the graveyard he'd made of the Galaxy.