YMMV / Star Wars Conquest

  • Demonic Spiders: The deserter parties, occasionnally. They can grow very large and eventually gather several hundredth of units.
  • Game Breaker:
    • The Lighsabers. They can be wield by any character who has enough strenght, instead of only being usable by chacters with a high enough Force power skill. In the game, they just behave like overpowered (and very expansive) mle weapons.
    • Force choking. It is a Force power which only takes one inventory slot instead of two, renders the targeted units incapable to defend themselves (they are raised in the air and seem to struggle, then drop on the floor, and can be targeted again; it only affects the nearest units, but can affect a lot of them if they are close enough) and randomly kills some of them. The only drawbacks are that the player character must be very close to his targets and that he doesn't earn experience for the units killed by the Force choke.
    • When beginning a new game, an advice window pops up when the player first come to the worldmap and says that, because of the Beta state of the mod, some items (especially Force choking and the BFGs sold by he illegal weapon merchants) are too powerful and will break the balance of the game if the player use them.