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YMMV: Star Trek: New Frontier
  • Designated Villain: Edward Jellico, until "After the Fall".
  • Fridge Logic: Why bother giving Hermats their own set of pronouns? If the pronoun in Hermat language doesn't translate, they're welcome to borrow one from a language whose pronouns are not gendered. Chinese, for example has , which is gendered only when written, and then only when written in the logograms 他 or 她.
    • Pretty sure that hir/xie and already existed as potential genderless pronouns in English before the series was written.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: Series average of 2 per book. That's not surprising when we consider some of the content: a giant energy being shaped like a flaming bird, which hatches out of a planet and later impregnates a starship; a one-eyed, one-horned, giant purple people eater; a woman who looks like Lwaxana Troi and Christine Chapel, and is immortal...who then dies, except that her consciousness is now inside a starship; a helmsman who regularly sleeps at his post and is part Greek god; a hermaphrodite chief engineer (hir whole species is hermaphroditic) who impregnates a Vulcan, of all people; and a book partially set inside a pocket universe that is, for all intents and purposes, a jellyfish. Basically, the series is one giant Mind Screw.

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