Funny / Star Trek: New Frontier

  • Admiral Jellico berating Shelby about the ridiculousness of some of Captain Kirk's claims and how they compare to Captain Calhoun's, when the audience knows all of them happened.
  • The entire exchange where Zak Kebron takes over his and Si Cwan's prison cell and declares it a Federation embassy.
  • The leader of the Dogs of War berates his warriors for their fear and supposed cowardice:
    "Are you men?! Or are you dogs?!
  • Soleta responding to Shelby's overheard comment that Calhoun "broke it off":
    "Will he be needing someone to reattach it?"
  • Janos in Stone and Anvil, after his second Omnicidal Maniac bout:
    "I'm in even more trouble than I was before, aren't I?"
  • Soleta's rapidly growing frustration with everyone coming to her for romantic advice culminating with snapping at Lefler in a most un-Vulcan manner.
    • There's also Kebron's response to the idea of romance.
    Kebron: I don't need romance. I have goldfish.
  • Calhoun asking Picard if he brought an attractive, naked blonde women with him to Xenex.
  • Zak explaining why he doesn't get angry.
    "Things tend to get broken. Heads, backs, necks..."
  • The following exchange:
    Morgan: A Level 3 diagnostic is like a gynecological exam from head to toe.
    Soleta: (raising hand) Captain, requesting permission to forget what I just heard.
    Calhoun: Granted, and I'll be following you.