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YMMV: Special A
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Hikari's continual failures are meant to Cross the Line Twice but fail miserably at it.
  • God-Mode Sue: Kei, of course. If Hikari finishes a test with half the time remaining, he aces it in one minute. Hikari spends so much of the series failing at things she's supposedly good at, only to be rescued by Kei, that one has to wonder if she's doing it on purpose.
  • Ho Yay/Yaoi Guys: Ryuu with Finn (later). Of course, Finn really is a girl.
  • Tearjerker: Definitely when Hikari runs after Takishima's plane in tears.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Most reviewers criticize this show for being full of misogynistic overtones. It basically says that women should not try to compete with men because she can not ever compare to them and that their role should basically be subservient to them.
    • As well as possible misogyny, there's a pretty suspect message about education and effort too: if you're talented, you don't have to work! In fact, you should be rewarded with free time, your own personal clubhouse and the adoration of all the students and staff just for turning up at school! Hikari's the only one seen putting in any actual effort, and her perpetual failure to beat Brilliant, but Lazy Kei is the series' main Running Gag. (Admittedly, this is probably part of the wish-fulfilment fantasy, given Japan's rigorous educational system. Still, it's hard to believe that there wasn't a single teacher there who knew more about their subject than the Special A kids did — and if there wasn't, alternative arrangements would have been made, probably involving tutoring rather than "let them sit in the greenhouse and do what they want.")

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