YMMV / Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

  • Critical Research Failure: Little, thanks to the intricate research the crew did, but the policemen's uniforms, while from the right era, are Berlin uniforms. Bavarian policemen still wore blue coats and Pickelhauben at that point of time.
  • Lawful Neutral: Investigator Mohr, while a member of the Gestapo, is no sadist, and even appears troubled by Sophie's stories of the mass murder of the disabled and Jewish people, but he remains committed to the regime, arguing that if it were to fall, Germany would sink back into the chaos of Weimar.
  • Neutral Good: The White Rose activists. They are as staunchly pacifist as they are antifascist, only flouting minor laws by committing acts of vandalism and distributing banned texts and pamphlets, and attempting to rouse Germany into a state of mass (passive) resistance.
  • Stoic Woobie: Sophie and Hans. Remember that these calm, resolute, dignified dissidents are kids who are fully aware that they will most likely lose their lives.
  • Tear Jerker: Sophie recounting her time as a children's nurse to the passive Investigator Mohr, when she could only watch helplessly as the Aktion T4 "euthanasia programme" was being carried out.
    Sophie: Trucks came to pick up the children at the mental hospital. The other children asked where they were going. "They're going to heaven," said the nurses. So the children got on the truck singing. You think I wasn't raised right, because I felt pity for them?
    • The Scholl parents saying goodbye to their daughter.
      • And just before the goodbye, Sophie's desperate shriek in her cell, when the full extent of everything she is about to lose, and the sheer injustice of the situation, hits her.
  • What an Idiot: No-one can deny her courage, but Sophie's reckless gesture of throwing a pile of pamphlets into the atrium of the University of Munich, just as the students are emerging from their lectures, can certainly inspire this reaction too.