* HeReallyCanAct: Critics offered heavy praise for Bela Lugosi's performance as Ygor, with some even calling it the best of his entire career.
%%* HoYay: The monster and Ygor.
* IAmNotShazam: Wolf lampshades the fact that people mistakenly refer to the Monster as Frankenstein.
* MoralEventHorizon:
** The Monster crosses this when he decides to [[spoiler:murder the Baron's son by ''hurling him into a sulfur pit'']]. Ygor starts ''out'' well on the other side of the horizon, having spent years [[ManipulativeBastard manipulating the Monster into doing his dirty work]].
** In the backstory, the Monster crippled [[HandicappedBadass Krogh]] by ripping his arm out of its socket. ''[[WouldHurtAChild When he was a small boy]].''
* NightmareFuel: The utterly creepy way how Ygor tells to Frakenstein what the Monster was doing when he was struck by lightning.
-->'''Ygor:''' He was... ''hhhunting''.