YMMV / Skeleton Warriors

  • Cliché Storm: This cartoon loves to abuse this.
  • Complete Monster: The suitably-named Baron Dark was an ambitious nobleman who hungered to steal the Lightstar Crystal powering the lands of Luminaire. Dark arranged for the king's shuttle to crash in hostile territory, and manipulated his younger son Joshua into going for the Lightstar Crystal himself before attempting to steal it. Its energies made the Baron's evil manifest fully as he became the first Skeleton Warrior, an immortal living dead creature who transformed all his forces into the same. The Baron attacked Luminaire's civilians and upon discovering he could only turn evil people into Skeletons, Dark furiously ordered the rest of the population murdered, only relenting when one of his men reminded him they'd need slaves. Dark would force a population's compliance by starving them and withholding medicine to force them to do his bidding, attempted to wipe out the ape-like Semigons to steal their refinery, and once he gained the Lightstar Crystal himself, Dark attempted to remake the world into a hellish landscape where only his chosen Skeleton Warriors would survive.
  • Ear Worm: SKELETON WARRIORS. With a catchy riff, no less.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The series can be basically described as Capture the Flag but with crystals, and it aired in 1993, three years before CTF became a main staple of multiplayer First-Person Shooter games thanks to Quake's Threewave CTF mod.
  • Memetic Mutation: A Best Friends remix of this show's theme song become memetically popular due to Pat and Woolie talking about this show while playing Dark Souls.
    • The un-remixed theme song is quite memetic as well due to Jimquisition using snippets of the theme to self-censor anything that comes even remotely close to sounding like cu- [♪SKELETON WARRIORS♫]
  • Nightmare Fuel: Grimskull, oh god.
  • What An Idiot: Baron Dark left a data crystal for Grimskull to take. Naturally, Grimskull and the gang are suspicious and yet, they still decide to play its content... in front of whole the council so everyone can watch. It reveals that Grimskull betrayed the royal family and has caused the fall of the kingdom. Needless to say, the council was angry and turned on Grimskull. You think they would have being wise enough to play it in private before their big meeting.