YMMV / Sidekick Girl

  • Moment of Awesome: Everyone, please rise to give a standing ovation to Illumina, who, when she met her traitor sidekick, knocked her out with one punch. This is Illumina we're talking about here, so extra awesome.
    • An even bigger Moment of Awesome is when a rogue agent with gravity-based powers starts destroying both Hero and Villain agency headquarters. The agent turns out to be Illumina's supposedly dead brother. Not only is she the only one able to resist his gravity powers, but she manifests gravity powers of her own and knocks him out with one blow.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Rhys Griffin/Shiver was always rather morally ambiguous, what with being dismissive towards Metro City and Val and his dismissal of the car thief he froze in his car, but the real problem came when he came across a young, petty thief called Harvey and froze him totally in response to the thief's ineffectual and panicky threats. It was only because of Val's swift action that Harvey didn't die of suffocation, and he suffered horribly from frostbite. In-story, this also marks the turning point at which the story begins building towards his downfall.
  • Never Live It Down: Illumina has a reputation for getting sidekicks killed. Only one, Marina, actually died, and that was due to a voluntary Heroic Sacrifice on Marina's part, not anything Illumina did. The departures of the two others also didn't have anything to do with Illumina herself. The first, Sparkle, turned out to be a bitch and suddenly left in the middle of a firefight, and the second, Forever Boy, went insane because Not Growing Up Sucks.
  • Tearjerker: Isauro's whole situation. Tricked into committing a crime thinking he was doing the right thing, he's now trapped working for the villain agency unless he wants to be deported and executed. Female villains regularly sexually assault him and Esperanza in particular has a lot of control over him, which she flauts. Isauro wants nothing more than to leave the villains and be a hero, and in the Christmas special is seen dreaming about it.