YMMV / Shangri-La

  • Complete Monster: Ryoko Naruse is a ruthless, domineering woman who governs Atlas with an iron fist and treats most of her employees like slaves or assets. Eventually rising to the position of Japan's Prime Minister, she shows little concern about everyone or everything except her plans and herself, and has children subjected to horrible experiments for her own advancement. She has men from a failed raid disposed of, has captives beaten, and plans to trick the heroine into destroying a great deal to kill multiple people. Ryoko's ultimate plan was to achieve the destruction of the world, using the destruction to create a new one that only she would rule.
  • Fetish Retardant: Even though Momoko is meant to be a Ms. Fanservice character, the fact she's voiced by a male voice actor who is more well known for voicing a lot of masculine bad-asses makes her come off as creepy instead.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Joji Nakata as Momoko. Yes, Momoko is a transexual, but they still could have at-least got a female to voice her, or a man with a more feminine voice.
    • It's possible even Joji Nakata himself felt uncomfortable with the role, since he was credited under a pseudoname.