YMMV / Severed

The Comicbook:

  • Complete Monster: The nameless Salesman often goes by Mr. Fisher and has been on the road for countless centuries hunting down children in order to devour them and their dreams. Posing as a kindly salesman to take them under his wing, he lures them into traps where he reveals his sharp teeth and devours them alive. When he encounters the young hero Jack, the Salesman murders the real Mr. Fisher to steal his identity and takes Jack on a game of cat and mouse, murdering and eating his friend Samantha. When he catches Jack at the end, the Salesman gloats over all the evil he's done over the years and how many dreams he's devoured before chopping off Jack's arm, planning to eat him and force Jack's mother to partake.
  • Nightmare Fuel: It's been called one of the scariest horror comic miniseries in years. Fisher comes across almost like a demon, especially with its ending.

The Videogame:

  • Nightmare Fuel: Plenty of it.
    • The Dragon. This thing is so depraved that upon having one of its larger eyes dangling from its socket, it licks the eye and laughs as if it's not only had this happen before, but revels in the idea that you're going to be a fun toy for it to crush.