* EarWorm: "Thank You Very Much"
** "December the 25th".
* FunnyMoments:
** Scrooge's introduction to the Ghost of Christmas Past:
-->'''Scrooge''': Who are you?\\
'''Ghost''': I am the spirit whose coming was foretold to you.\\
'''Scrooge''': ...You don't look like a ghost.\\
'''Ghost''': Thank you.
** Scrooge thinks the future debtors are celebrating him, completely oblivious to the coffin and tearing up of his money ledger. He even tries to give a speech thanking them.
* HeartwarmingMoments:
** The Fezziwigs, and their CrowdSong, "December the 25th".
** The Ghost of Christmas Present, and his song, "I Like Life".
** Scrooge's TearsOfJoy at having a chance to change in "I'll Begin Again."
** During the ending, Scrooge hopes Jacob Marley can hear him as he thanks him for helping him bring a Merry Christmas to everyone. He then goes to get ready to have dinner with Fred and his family.
* HilariousInHindsight: This wouldn't be the last time that Creator/AlecGuinness [[Franchise/StarWars played a ghost who returned to advise someone]], albeit a more benevolent version than the one in this film.
* JerkassHasAPoint: "Fools who have no money spend it/Get in debt, then try to end it/Beg me on their knees, befriend them/Knowing I have cash to lend them..." True, true, even today.
* NarmCharm: All of Creator/AlbertFinney's attempts to sing.
** Though he is attempting to sing as an old man, it wouldn't exactly fit the character if he sang as he naturally could at the age of 34.
* NightmareFuel:
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv_pTT-W_lI Scrooge in the bowels of Hell]].
** Before falling to Hell, Scrooge gets a good glimpse of what the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come looked beneath his cloak. It's supposed to be the Grim Reaper, yes, but in form of ''a frickin' skeleton''. Almost as scary as his eternal torture in Hell and it certainly serves as a shocking prelude of it.
** The first scene with Marley has at least two. Marley's scream, if it isn't ridiculous, is actually rather chilling. Then there is the revelation of the phantoms, in both the stage and film versions.
** In the film the door knocker changing into Marley's head is understated and creepy, with Marley matter-of-factly eyeing Scrooge and saying his name softly, then returning to normal.
** The way Marley walks when he first enters the room. Encumbered by his chains, he is floating and limping at the same time.
** In a way, "Thank You Very Much" (the first time). There's something so twisted about seeing Scrooge merrily singing along to a song that's ''mocking his memory and celebrating his death.''
* NightmareRetardant: The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come's grim reaper form is ridiculously fake looking, especially when Scrooge falls through the grave and you see it just... standing there.
* PainfulRhyme: The Ghost of Christmas Present opens "I Like Life" with one.
-->"Ebenezer Scrooge / The sins of man are huge!"
* TearJerker: Scrooge being shown by the Spirit of Christmas Past his youthful self, and his love, Isobel. Made even worse by seeing him break down and beg, "Spirit, remove me from this place; I can bear it no more." And then wake up sobbing in bed.