YMMV / Scary Go Round

  • Anticlimax Boss: Satan arrives to claim Ryan's soul for bringing Shelley Back from the Dead! Shelley punches him in the groin and he goes away again.
  • Archive Panic: SGR ran for seven years, and towards the end there were four comics a week. Adding Bobbins (about a thousand strips) makes over ten years of comics: when you put them all together and add the sporadic Scareodelia comics, you get...a realisation that John Allison is much more productive that you are.
  • Continuity Lock-Out: Scary Go Round ended in September 2009 because John Allison decided the weight of continuity was putting off too many new readers. He then started another comic, Bad Machinery, and began panicking that the drop-off in web traffic meant he'd shot himself in the foot. Seems to be recovering, though.
  • Crazy Awesome: Tim, Fallon and Shelley all have their moments of this.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: When Shelley punches the devil himself in the groin.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The beginning of the final chapter (dated June 08, 2009) introduces a character who is a very obvious parody of Michael Jackson. You can already tell how this is going to end, can't you. John Allison later put up a news post explaining that the character's appearance in the storyline had been long planned out, and Jackson's death just happened to be an unfortunate coincidence.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Rachel crosses it when she tries to have Shelley killed, and she's definitely gone when she shows no remorse for it.