• Hollywood Homely: Norman Gates is described as 'ugly as sin', however, since he's drawn as a large bunny rabbit man this is not overtly obvious, especially since he has quite the buff, muscled build. This comic even goes as far as to describe Norman's ugliness as a 'deformity' and insinuates that due to his homliness that he most likely died a virgin.
    • Then again, he's been known to impale himself with his buckteeth. That can be a tad offputting.
    • Also, Kingston and Norman are both rabbits. Kingston has a normal muzzle. Norman's face is flat. And let's not get into the rest of his teeth...
    • Alan Foreman eventually post a picture on his Patreon page comparing what Norman looks like and what he should look like. To humans, he's a large bunny rabbit man, but to his fellow rabbits, his flat feet and bizarre teeth would make him look hideous.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Back in 2001 the comic mentions the Anarchists rose to power after a global economic collapse in 2008. While we have no anarchists running countries, we did have a global economic crisis in 2008.
    • The comic has been going for so long that the odds were that we'd have at least one crisis during its run.