• Best Known for the Fanservice: Specifically Julie Andrews's (and Rosanna Arquette's, although both have been known to be cut for television screenings).
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Probably lost in the Julie/Sally hoopla was the fact that The Music Man was also in this film, playing a Cloudcuckoolander doctor with a Porn Stache.
    • Not to mention that Larry Hagman was at the height of his J.R. Ewing fame when he signed on to play Dick Benson.
  • Playing with Character Type: Julie Andrews, at that point best known for playing the lead in G-rated musicals, is in the role of Sally Miles, a Hollywood actress... best known for playing the lead in G-rated musicals. ("Some of her fans still don't think she goes to the bathroom!") Julie was definitely toying with her typecast image as Sally goes through her raunchy shenanigans.