YMMV / SMBC Theater

  • Acceptable Targets: Er... just about everyone gets targeted, actually, from religious icons to child murderers.
  • Growing the Beard: Dating Solutions marks the point where they really hit their stride, and some believe it's still the best one they've made.
  • Hollywood Homely: Kelly in Blind Date.
  • Memetic Mutation: Touch him on the Penis.
    • Problem Solved!
    • Biggest meme is best meme!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Children's Books can get...scary. Especially with the music before he reveals every book idea.
    You laughed at me, Timmy.
    You laughed at me, Timmy.
    You laughed at me, Timmy.
    This doesn't rhyme,
    Because there are no rhymes in Hell.
  • Shallow Parody: Makes fun of this in the writer sketch.