• Annoying Video-Game Helper: Jessica has a tendency to attract gunfire from enemies without any provocation from the player.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Elexis Sinclaire is the seductive Overarching Villain of the series, and the current CEO of SinTEK Enterprises. An Evilutionary Biologist even as a kid, Elexis plans to turn humanity into destructive mutants as a way to unlock mankind's ultimate genetic potential, all as a form of scientific progress. Creating the drug U4 that turns people into mutants, she has it sold around Freeport, while also kidnapping homeless people and random civilians and forcing them to undergo painful transformations. Ordering gangster Antonio Mancini to steal a safety deposit box from the bank's vault, she forcibly transforms him into a mutant after he fails and gains the attention of HardCorps agent Col. John Blade. She has her troops try and dump U4 into the Freeport water system, which would turn the city into mutants. Once that fails, Elexis steals a bunch of nuclear warheads and plans to insert U4 into them, preparing to launch them onto various parts of the world, hoping to convert the entire Earth into mutants. Despite her father curing her of a disease, she keeps him as a giant attack mutant, and later has Blade fight him. Making a getaway, she returns in SiN Episodes: Emergence to start her plan again, where she rigs a laboratory to explode, inserts mutant DNA into Blade and Jessica Cannon, and prepares to unleash her mutants onto Freeport.
    • SiN: Wages of Sin expansion: Gianni Manero is a psychopathic, power-hungry mob boss who desires the destruction of Freeport city. Using Elexis Sinclaire's SinTek mutants, he forces Sinclaire's head scientist to work for him by holding his daughter hostage. He's altered the U4 drug to not only control the mutants directly, but also transform humans into hundreds of giant Goliath mutants. When he discovers that John Blade's after him, he lures him to his lab and tries to have him killed by his Goliaths, and once that fails, he rigs the facility to detonate, then tries to destroy Freeport's offshore nuclear power plant, planning to start a chain reaction that will cause Freeport to explode, preparing to kill not only 10 million people, but himself too.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Emergence's theme song.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Elexis Sinclaire.
  • Narm: "Oh Noisy One Kenobi."
  • Obvious Beta: The original game was a mess when it first hit shelves. Problems included Loads and Loads of Loading, non-functioning AI for one of the bosses, music tracks not playing correctly (or at all), various game crashes, and typos on various textures. By the time these issues had been patched out, the damage had already been done; the game had released merely two weeks before Valve's mega-hit Half-Life, and SiN was completely overshadowed by that game's runaway success.
  • Porting Disaster: The Steam re-release of the original game included with Emergence is a Downplayed example. While it was updated to natively support modern computer hardware and use Steam's server browser for multiplayer, the music playback suffers from bugs, has censored nudity and drug references, as well as having edited a number of textures to remove pop-culture references and, oddly, replaced others with renders of Emergence's 3D models. It also does not include the Wages of Sin expansion pack.
  • Video-Game Movies Suck: A direct-to-video anime movie based off the game was made by ADV Films in 2000. It is remembered by few, and by most accounts liked by even fewer.