YMMV / Ryan Adams

  • Covered Up: Tim McGraw covered "When the Stars Go Blue" and released it as a single. Ironically, many people are unaware that Adams had written the song first, but since Mc Graw made it famous (it was a chart-topper), many think that Mc Graw is the song's original writer.
  • Fandom Berserk Button: Do not confuse him with Bryan Adams. This has especially become a problem since Bryan Adams' reputation has only gotten worse over the past few years.
    • Don't say that Tim Mc Graw or Bono wrote "When the Stars Go Blue".
  • Never Live It Down: The "Summer of '69" incident, where Ryan had the most infamous of his many on-stage meltdowns and threw out a heckler requesting the titular song. This incident only helped cement his reputation as an erratic Jerkass until he eventually developed more of a sense of humor because of it.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Inverted. "How Do You Keep Love Alive" (off Cold Roses) was, by Adams' own account, made while completely insensible on opium. As he tells it, he never wrote the song down and years later was still "trying to understand the chord pattern" for the piano part, because "[he] can't fucking play it." The song itself has a somewhat sad and ethereal quality one might suppose is related to opium, but frankly if you played a bunch of Adams' sadder songs in a row and asked someone to pick out which was written on opium, they most likely wouldn't do much better than chance.