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YMMV: Robo Bando
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: One can see Bando and his party as the villians,causing mass multiversal genocide with Lucy serving a ineffectual antihero due to her lack of screentime and not doing nothing too evil besides killing random people. Compare to Robo Bando, Grant and Doug, she looks like a freaking saint.
  • Anticlimax Boss: Chris Chan is hyped up in Chapter 5 and 6 as a all-powerful despot under the influnece of Lucy, only to get oneshot by Lucy in Chapter 8 for failing to even score a hit on Robo Bando and for having his whole Sonichu army get massacred by pickle juice.
  • Crossesthe Line Twice: This fic is basically saying screw decency and subtly and that stops it from being Dude, Not Funny!
  • One-Scene Wonder: Billy May's Ghost who shouts, stealthily mocks Grant and speaks in ALLCAPS in Chapter 8

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