YMMV / Ripper Street

  • Complete Monster: There are several especially heinous felons in this series, proving Jack the Ripper was not the only monster lurking in the streets of Whitechapel.
    • Sir Arthur Donaldson, from the series premiere "I Need Light", first shows up mere months after Jack's rampage, yet manages to be a depraved monster in his own right. He was a Serial Rapist who abducted women by drugging them, then he would take them to a secret location where he would rape them before strangling them to death. Next, to remove suspicion from himself, he would mutilate them so they would appear to be new victims of Jack. His monstrous nature also extends to his lone servant, whom he would force to film him commit his atrocities all so he could watch them in his spare time. The abuse that Donaldson gave to his servant was so bad that the servant eventually killed himself. In the end, while Donaldson was only the first felon Detective Edmund Reid encountered since his search for The Ripper, it was this case that convinces Reid to let go of his pursuit, so he can find other criminals lurking in the streets of Whitechapel.
    • Claxton, from season 1's "The King Came Calling", is the manager of a Whitechapel bakery, where he uses his position to contaminate the bread with lethal poison before distributing them to the commonwealth. This was done in a manner that would looked like an outbreak of cholera, and results in dozens of deaths of men, women, and children in a matter of days, with Detective Reid's wife Emily nearly another victim. When Reid finally captures Claxton and ask him why he did all this, Claxton's response was that Jack took attention he felt was deservedly his and by killing many people, even bragging of tripling The Ripper's total, he would finally regain all that fame.
    • Sir Victor Silver, from season 1's finale "What Use Our Work?", may look like a gentle man but in truth he is anything but. Long ago, he was suspected of being Jack, but the issue was dropped when he thought to have died in a boat accident. However, he managed to survive, and continued his business in kidnapping women and having them shipped to South America as sex slaves, using his superficial charm to gain their trust before luring them to his family's estate, where he would shackle them to a bed for days before drugging them and locking them in small boxes to be sent overseas. Overall, while only just one of many Ripper suspects, he came closest to matching The Ripper's description that he might as well be the Serial Killer himself.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Fred Best, as of Threads of Silk and Gold, when someone blackmails him with photos of him getting intimate with his boyfriend.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Goodnight murdering Hobbs
    • Reid has one in the Season 2 finale when he straight up orders Drake to murder Shine
    • Inspector Shine killing Morris Linklater. He's done terrible stuff before, but this is the first time we see the full capacity of his villainy.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • What lies behind Max's bandanna in Become Man. It's a huge gap where her right jaw should be, including a view into her mouth.
  • The Woobie:
    • Drake has his moments. Especially toward the end of season two. His wife Bella as well — so much so that she kills herself.
    • Susan lands into financial trouble in second season and her creditor threatens to take the house from her if she doesn't sleep with him. Then there's the whole ordeal with Raine Thorne...