YMMV / Rescue Heroes

  • Adaptation Displacement: To some degree; some have trouble remembering the show was based on a toy line. Of course, now that the show is still in reruns on Qubo, modern children are much more likely to be unaware of this as well, since the original line of toys has since been discontinued and merged with Imaginext.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Critical Research Failure: In "Twister", Roger states that a tornado warning has been upgraded to a tornado watch since there were tornado sightings. This is the reverse of what it actually is — a tornado watch is when conditions are good for a tornado but one hasn't been spotted, where a warning is when there is a tornado. The reason this is a critical research failure is that this is a basic safety fact that anyone who has been in any sort of tornado storm can tell you about.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Billy comes close to crossing this in "Storm of the Century"; while it's fairly downplayed compared to most other examples, it's probably the episode that contains the most major screw-up of any hero. First off, he abandons higher priority work to try taking after his father who is in a position that Billy knows good and well he won't be able to handle alone, and after Billy already snapped at Wendy earlier on for bringing this subject up. He also ends up taking the Hyper Jet, which has up to this point been established as a prime tool for the heroes that they couldn't get along very far without, and he uses it to help out a single person. As if that weren't enough, the wind storm ends up picking up enough that the ship's electrical system gets badly damaged, completely cutting him off from all radio communication and losing all signal, and in the process gets the both of them lost. Top this off with him trapped in the jet with only his father, already upset enough at him for not taking the path he was expecting Billy to take, and getting badly injured from the impact of the jet's landing, and you can just see the look of utter defeat and despair on his face. Much of it only heightens if you consider the fact that perseverance is one of the major themes of the show, discussed almost Once an Episode, and it's one of the only times that Billy, one of the hardest pushers of this message and the chief above the heroes, looks completely ashamed and ready to just give up on everything from how much he feels he let everyone down.
  • Not So Crazy Anymore: The episode "Blackout" has a teenage girl begging her dad to get a cell phone because everyone in her class has one. When this episode first aired in the early 2000s, the idea of a teenager having a cell phone was generally seen as spoiled, so the viewer was not meant to sympathize with her. Now that it is uncommon to see a teenager who doesn't have a cell phone, it doesn't work so well and turns into Unintentionally Sympathetic.